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Myst IV: Revelation Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
You begin here as Yeesha drives the shuttle to Tomahna
Atrus explains what's going on and why you're here.
Your first puzzle - using a frequency gizmo.
Use the elevator to travel around Tomahna.
There is constant movement. Here, I caught a bird in flight.
The game is autosaved periodically.
The rooms are lifelike and interesting.
Since there is no inventory, using the camera is essential.
Reading books helps unfold the story and include important clues to puzzles.
The books on this shelf are not for reading. This is a puzzle.
When power is restored, you can finally work the crystal viewer Atrus talked about in the beginning.
You finally find the linking books to 2 other ages - Haven and Spire.
You arrive in Haven. In the Options, you can change the color of your cursor. Here it's shown in green.
The bones of a once vicious Haven monster.
Haven's tropical forests are in constant motion - flying birds, exotic creatures and lush greenery.
One of the Haven animals, a Mangree, checks you out - up close and personal!
Solving this locking mechanism will get you across to Achenar's lake house.
Up inside a viewing tower, you'll find one of the hardest puzzles in the game.
Spire is a mineral-rich age but (unlike Haven) it is completely lifeless.
On Spire, Sirrus fashioned his quarters here.
A lab on Spire where Sirrus worked.
Climbing up a ladder in Spire.
Harness the power of the crystals to get everything working.
One of the main objectives in Spire is to get this chair working.
Eventually you'll find another linking book to Serenia, which is breathtakingly beautiful.
Carrying a bubble around in Serenia's "forest" is fun.
This flower holds special "memory" powers.
Even in dreams there are puzzles to solve.