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Myst Online: Uru Live Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

screen
Title screen
Welcome screen
My Relto (Home) at dusk - in the beginning
Bevin (neighborhood) Linking Book
The Linking Room inside my Bevin (contains 4 linking Books)
Choosing a place to visit in the Nexus
Using my KI
Instructions and tips can be found to help out
My first step into Eder Tsogal (new Age)
Inside one of the rooms of Dereno
View inside Dereno, a new "pod" Arctic Age
Viewing Negilahn, a new Forest Age, also a "pod"
A Relto page. This one adds an Island and Bridge attached to your Relto.
Ferry Landing - all aglow at night
Portals appear at various times, based on D'ni time
It's snowing in Eder Delin!
A clue for a future puzzle, perhaps?
Partying in the neighborhood
Outside the magnificent Ae'gura Library
Books in the Hall of Kings provide a history of D'ni
Inside the Ae'gura Museum
Someone left us this interesting creature chart
Inside a Bahro cave
The Great Zero (Rezeero) Courtyard
A mysterious map from the D'ni Restoration Council (DRC)
My decorated Relto
Explanation of D'ni Time
Minkata Age (Episode 5: "Scars") - opened May 24, 2007