Myst Credits (Windows)

Kids to Adults
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Myst Credits


DesignersRand Miller, Robyn Miller
GraphicsRobyn Miller, Chuck Carter
AnimationRobyn Miller, Chuck Carter
SoundChristopher Brandkamp
Musical ScoreRobyn Miller
ProducerLaurie Strand
Assistant Product ManagerMatt O'Hara

Windows Version

Lead ProgrammerGrace Kim
ProgrammerBen Ceschi
Windows 95 ProgrammingScott Henderson
Programming Project LeadLance Groody
Image ProcessingWendy Johnson
Sound ProcessingTom Hays
Sound DirectionTom Rettig
Senior Marketing ManagerBruce Friedricks
Marketing CoordinatorsMaia Stangeland, Dexter Chow
Quality Assurance Lead TechniciansJohn Crowell, Warren Yamashita
TestersMarcus Duerod, Lisa Irwin, Dan Kelmenson
Special Thanks toJohn Baker, Douglas C. Carlston, Mickey Mantle, Glenn Axworthy, Mike Foulger, Kent Daniels, Frankie Ford, Leo Hourvitz, Glen Rotan, Heidi Jonk, Dave Lucas, Allan Young, Bob Gulian, Shirley Cochran, Esteban Ahn, Stewart Apelzin, Michael Collins, Ginny Walters, Shannon Ward, Kathleen Burke, Jessica Switzer, Joyce Anderson, Glen Coats, Kris Nuich, Guillermo Ortiz, Dan Skeen, Kurt Short, Craig Fryar, Marcus Badgley, and the Myst Focus Group Testers

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Credits for this game were contributed by MegamanX64 (16081)