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Mystery of Mortlake Mansion Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu - Clicking on any on of the selections will reveal an animated feature.
Character Creation - Selecting different genders will allow male or female voice-overs for the player.
How to play - A tutorial feature may be accessible throughout the game, providing basic info on commands, puzzles, and other hints.
Diary - New events will be written the diary, providing info on plot advancement as well as some hints on where to go next.
First Puzzle - A hidden objects game. Find matching objects with the names provided on the lower screen. Using the amulet here (when fully recharged) will provide the player the location of an object.
Reward - Completing a puzzle may reward the player with items or access to another section of the mansion. Here the reward is both, items that allow access to the mansion.
Hall - This is the first room in the mansion. The map (bottom right) immediately enlarges to provide bearings. Several objects here may be inspected to reveal puzzles or other relevant information.