The Mystery of the Nautilus Credits


ProducersJean-Martial Lefranc, Philippe Ulrich
Publishing DirectorMichel Mimran
Production DirectorsEric Mallet, Nils Veaux
PublisherNicolas Bonvalet
Assisted byThomas Cheilan
Project ManagerValentine Deltombe
Technical DirectorCyril Thibout
ProgrammersArnaud Chainard, Olivier Carado, Benoît Hozjan, Stéphane Petit
Sound Studio ManagerJean-Baptiste Merland
Testing Department ManagerJean-Luc Hadi
Testing DepartmentOlivier Bailly, Laurent Faroux, Jean Claude Fernandes, Regis Lenoir, Thomas Neveu, Sylvain Poully, Hugues Miraux
LocalisationFrédérique Faucher, Pascal Merckhoffer, Yann Tisseyre
Marketing DirectorMichel Mimran
Brand ManagerJoseph Girard
PackagingJosé Fouzar-Alcala, Benoit Grandry, Thomas Jardini, Patrick Marshall, Odile Mousseau
Press RelationsNicolas Swiatek, Christelle Medas

T-BOT interactive

ProducersLaurent Paigné, Guillaume Gilles-Naves
Production DirectorLaurent Paigné
Project ManagerJocelyn Weiss
Art DirectorMarc Leprêtre
Lead ProgrammerMarc Freymuth
ProgrammerRaphael Walter
Production AssistantAnne-Beatrice Berenguer
Paper part DesignerSaid Ben Sliman, Gerald Guerlais
Paper part Designer AssistantNasser Earally
Paper part Designer & 3D graphistArthur Gordon
Game DesignerBenoit Attinost, Manuel Ruiz-Dupont
Game Designer AssistantLaurent Le Besnerais
3D GraphistBertrand Armagnac, Goeffroy Grimm, Philippe Delvigne, Cedric Le Moal, Olivier Bodo, Denis Tandy, Samir Boudoukha
MusicGilles Sivilotto
Sound EngineerKouz Production
LocalisationAnne-Beatrice Berenguer
Voices ProductionKouz Production
Female VoicesJudith Burnett
Male VoicesNicholas Calderbank, Dana Burns Westberg
Special Thanks toDaniel Armonia, Williams Gruwe, Thomas Bouquin

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76516)