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Mystery Trackers: Black Isle Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Opening cinematic
Title and main menu
A newspaper clipping about the reporter's disappearance
You arrive at the island. There is Tomas, the cameraman.
Oh, look! Puppies!
Nice doggie?
Searching Sarah's bag
I found a crowbar
A puzzle. I need to arrange the rungs so they line up with their matching partner.
Ladder fixed
Searching the dresser in the hotel room. I can use items from my inventory to complete items here.
Another puzzle. Fit all the items on the left into the spaces on the right so there are no spaces left empty.
Did it.
Walking through an archway.
He blocked the entrance with those cars.
Nice flowers
If I find the right item, the monkey will help me.
I used the cannon to blow open the wall
Another puzzle. Align the items so there are three solid lines and three broken lines per level.
Inside the curiosity shop
Inside the café
A hidden object area in the café's celler
I found a banana
Another puzzle. Put the gears in the proper places.
I've gotten the theater open.