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Mystery Trackers: Raincliff's Phantoms Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Opening story cinematic
Title and main menu
Opening game cinematic
And, so, the game begins
Reading a note in Emilie's ID wallet.
Searching the car trunk
I found a...whatever that is.
Looking inside the car
I found something that needs to be looked at more.
A puzzle.
I got the glove compartment open.
Another puzzle
Inside the town
I found a cassette that I can look at in my video camera.
Another puzzle
I've gotten the phone booth open, now I can search it.
Searching the phone booth
I found a copper ball
Outside the Flying Knives café
On the roof of the café
Inside the café and I've found the reporter
An invisible man tried to attack with a broken bottle
Another puzzle
Now I can search the bag's contents
Searching the bag's contents
I found a glass cutter
A puzzle that's real easy
Searching under the bed
I found a gas mask
Solve this puzzle to free your dog
Crack the lock on the refrigerator
Now the fridge is open
Searching the fridge