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PC Gamer (Aug 25, 2016)
When I first played N++ on PS4 last year, I thought it would be the last action platformer I’d ever need. That sentiment still stands: since playing 300+ hours of this game on console, and another 20 or so on PC, I feel there are few platformers, classic or modern, that can rival N++ in terms of physics, fluidity, level design and sheer size. In some ways N++ feels like the end of the action platformer, like an exhaustive final document, a catalogue of its emotional highs and lows. It's obviously not really the last action platformer, but for anyone with even a vague affection for platforming, it's a game to play for years to come.
Brash Games (Sep 21, 2016)
I feel that this game lives up to the value of both before it. The level design is flawless, keeping even the most responsive player on their toes and leaving you always hungry for more. It has addictive qualities which can take up hours at a time as “only one more level” becomes 5 levels later. The graphics and sound merge brilliantly to present a fun, pick up and play style with an extremely large sense of reward. I would fully recommend to any player that enjoys a challenge, a large feeling of self-accomplishment and reward of not being defeated.
Despite my great affection for them, I’m not the biggest fan of actually playing puzzle platformers. I am however a huge fan of playing games with clever, intuitive, and elegant design. Whether you enjoy either the former or the latter, or any combination of the two, N++ is a game that’s all-too easy to time travel with; sitting down with it during a coffee break, only to look up and discover it’s tomorrow.
Hooked Gamers (Sep 14, 2016)
So many years after that first Flash game was released, N++ is still close to, if not at the very top of the platforming pile. It might not be the stress reliever you wanted it to be, but if you’re looking for a strong platforming experience which has almost endless levels to choose from, you might not ever need another game of its kind.
Cubed3 (Sep 05, 2016)
N++ wants you to let your guard down, but that's not always the most fun. While the level design is the closest to perfection many could ask for, the game frequently feels cheap or downright apathetic. Because it comes from a different era of gaming, it doesn't always feel like it cares if you succeed. Fortunately, a friend can be brought along, but it is still watching, waiting for the slightest failure.