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Just Adventure (Oct 19, 2007)
Many steadfast fans of the Nancy Drew series (myself included) have been complaining that the series has been going downhill recently. While some enhancements have been made to each game, the feeling of the older games has been lost and the newer games have revolved around the same dull plot and lengthy chores. I am pleased to say, however, that this game is a step up from its predecessors and takes into account many of the gripes that most longtime fans have had recently. The graphics and puzzles in particular have been improved significantly, and while there are still some weak areas here and there, the overall product is wholly satisfying. If you’re looking for light entertainment and solid gameplay, Legend of the Crystal Skull is worth your dollar.
GamerDad (Feb 01, 2008)
Of course, that is also using my kids as a yardstick - if you have a 6-year old who loves Nancy Drew and is not easily frightened, by all means have her play this game! The puzzles are wonderful - it is the sort of 'edutainment' that kids love to play while also learning something ... and getting to play through some wonderful stories that have entertained kids for ages.
Adventure Lantern (Dec, 2007)
While we still haven’t gotten back to the original snooping and obsessive questions of the original Nancy Drew, this latest installment had enough puzzles of variety to make the game fun and thoroughly interesting. The story was good and made sense. Overall, Crystal Skill is a solid Nancy Drew game. Even if you’re not a Nancy Drew fan, the puzzles are fun and make this a title worth exploring.
Adventurearchiv (Dec 23, 2007)
Wow! "Legend of the Crystal Skull" ist das 17. Spiel der Serie und ich bin wirklich überrascht, daß es mich nach all den Jahren noch so in Erstaunen versetzen konnte. Nach einigen Spielen, die versuchten, sich an den Mainstream anzupassen, hat man wieder die guten alten Nancy-Taditionen der knackigen Rätsel und Edutainmentelemente in ein fehlerloses technisches Kostüm gepackt! Tolle Grafik, spannende Geschichte und angenehm lange Spieldauer ... für mich das bisher beste Spiel der Serie!
GameZebo (Apr 07, 2008)
Legend of the Crystal Skull is still one of the most life-like and compelling Nancy Drew games yet thanks to an assortment of interesting characters, a suitably creepy atmosphere, challenging puzzles and some of the best production value we've seen yet in a Nancy Drew game.
Quandary (Feb, 2008)
All in all Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull is a 'busy' game and a lot of fun to play. Put on your thinking cap for this one as it's weighted more towards puzzling than story. And the very good news is that Nancy isn't heavily occupied with doing chores such as cooking or cleaning or whatever this time. What a pleasant surprise! Solving this mystery demands taking careful note of everything you find (I had several pages of jottings by the end) and working out where the information can be put to good use. It's a worthy challenge for Ms Drew and well worth a look for Nancy Drew fans.
GamingExcellence (Jan 07, 2008)
Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull is definitely worth adding to the growing Nancy Drew catalogue. It’s a decent game for adventure fans who just want a game to play. The story and game should appeal to the young teen crowd but if you’re looking for something really deep, you’re not going to find it here, especially when you beat it once, you have no desire to go through it again.
GameZone (Oct 26, 2007)
Legend of the Crystal Skull is quite fun and is definitely one of the better games in this series. As always, these games lend themselves readily to cooperative play, and groups of friends and siblings will get much benefit from playing together. Thanks, Her Interactive, for another great game!
Adventure Gamers (Nov 05, 2007)
I have no problems in saying this is the best game in the series that I've played, and I have played a lot of them. The upgrades to the character models are now a match for the excellent voice work and sharp dialogue that has always characterized the series, and is continued in Legend of Crystal Skull. And by reducing the size and repetitiveness of the make-work puzzles, Her Interactive has done away with one of the biggest complaints about the games. When combined with an atmospheric and slowly unwinding storyline, these elements create an almost watertight game that even those who have grown tired of the series will enjoy.
Impulse Gamer (Mar, 2009)
I can really see these Nancy Drew games being quite the hit in the classroom – I would have liked to have sunk a few hours into one with school friends – preferably instead of English class. It’s a point and click adventure / puzzle game, which is going to immediately turn off the hard-core gamer, but for puzzle game aficionados this one is sure to give you your money's worth.
Video Game Generation (Dec 11, 2007)
It’s apparent from this game that Her Interactive realizes that it can’t rest on its laurels forever, and continues to make minor and necessary refinements to a very successful formula. As a result Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull is one of the best games in the series yet.
GameBoomers (Dec, 2007)
Crystal Skull has many elements which combine to make an entertaining game. Absorbing puzzles, a story that is neatly sewn up at the end, characters that are easy to relate to, an easy interface, graphics dripping with ambience, excellent voice acting, and a choice of difficulty levels makes this a game many will like. When all is said and done, the test of any game rests on the answer to two questions. Did I enjoy playing it? Yes. Would I recommend it to others? Yes, but due to a very difficult button mashing mini-game, I can only recommend it to those with fast reflexes.
IGN (Oct 17, 2007)
The Nancy Drew series may have started selling because of the perfect licensing choice, but Legend of the Crystal Skull proves they are real, sometimes challenging, adventure games. Graphics and audio are surprisingly good, with game play that includes exploration, puzzles, and mini-games. An obvious mother-daughter activity, but I bet brothers wouldn’t mind wracking their brains a bit, too.
Game Chronicles (Oct 18, 2007)
Though it has its frustrating moments, Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull is generally an enjoyable adventure game, as well as a more satisfying title than the three games before it. (And, besides, it gives you the opportunity to build a Rube Goldberg machine and try some virtual Creole cuisine.) If you’re a gamer who has enjoyed the other games in the series, you will probably like this one too.
70 (Apr 28, 2008)
Après un épisode en demie-teinte, Nancy Drew revient en meilleure forme dans La Légende du Crâne de Cristal. Certes, la série est encore imparfaite, du point de vue technique notamment. Mais les amateurs de bonnes énigmes auront de quoi faire avec cette nouvelle aventure, et c'est bien là l'essentiel. Une bonne surprise.
Gamekult (May 16, 2008)
Sans conteste l'un des meilleurs épisodes de Nancy Drew disponibles en France, Le Crâne de Cristal est en résumé un jeu d'aventure très grand public tout à fait recommandable, pour peu que l'on aime à la fois le genre et les ambiances gentiment familiales.
In the game’s defense, most of the annoyances in Legend of the Crystal Skull are also common in other adventure games, and many gamers can appreciate the difficulty and care less about the authenticity of the setting or lack of dialog. If nothing else, players will probably find the dark and gloomy ambiance a great way to spend a few wintry evenings, and with a few exceptions the puzzles are well designed and fun. I recommend this game to fans of the series, but also point others to some of the previous (and better) games in the series, such as Danger on Deception Island or The Secret of Shadow Ranch. What I hope is that Her Interactive will quickly regain its footing in the next Nancy Drew sequel and follow the precedent established in its earlier games, which feature cleverly themed puzzles, captivating soundtracks, and fun characters.
50 (Apr 22, 2008)
Dans l’ensemble, le jeu est décevant, mais n’est pas un total désastre non plus. Il est concevable qu’il puisse plaire et que certains joueurs trouvent son ambiance sombre et lugubre comme une excellente manière de passer quelques soirées. Mais mis à part pour les fans de la série ou pour la famille, il ne vous correspondra pas. Allez plutôt voir le dernier Spielberg, vous passerez sans doute un meilleur moment auprès d’Indiana.