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Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
This is Dave Gregory, the Shadow Ranch's foreman.
This is Shorty Thurmond, the Ranch's cook.
The third NPC on the Ranch is Tex Britten, the head wrangler.
Outside of Mary's Gifts & Cultural Emporium
Mary Yazzie, owner of Mary's Gifts, she is the only NPC outside Shadow Ranch.
A road in the desert, with another (quasi) NPC: Bob
The Map of Shadow Ranch and the surroundings.
Travelling from one place to another.
This is Shadow Ranch, with the cabin on the left side.
The inside of Shadow Ranch's cabin.
Dry Creek, an old abandoned city north of Shadow Ranch.
That is your Tasklist, all done tasks can be marked.
Even in nowhere you have your mobile phone; good for you, you can connect to the Internet with it.
That is your inventory, now much bigger than in previous games.
Even when reading all these books sounds boring, they hold informations you need.
One of Shorty's tasks, pick all the ripe vegetables. If you pike multiple times the wrong, then it's time to go home.
Another of Shorty's task, and the first puzzle. Find the correct setting...
After riding, bring back the saddle, or Tex will kick you out of the Ranch.
Try do what the sign tells you, otherwise it will be painful.
One of the tasks from Tex; you have only 10 seconds to ride as described here.
A letter someone tried to burn, unfortunately, it's coded...
One of two mini-games; get the roadrunner into the hole before the coyotes catch him.
One of the more complex puzzles; move the marked brick away from it's location.
That is definitely the most painful of all puzzles in the game...
Here you will face the only time-critical event in the game.
That happens, when you do something wrong, like feeding Bob with the wrong food, like happened here...