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Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower Credits

67 people (50 developers, 17 thanks)


Director of Production DevelopmentRobert Riedl
Art DirectorsLaura Henion, Max Holechek
3D ArtistsTim Burke, John Hayashi, Bryan Thomas
2D ArtistsKyle C. Jones, Donovan Larsen, Kris Ulmer
Development ManagerSheri Hargus
Lead DeveloperWayne Sikes
Program ManagerKaren Morod
Script Writing and Asset ManagerErin Brown
President & CEOMegan Gaiser
Vice President Marketing & SalesCarolyn Bickford
Vice President Business DevelopmentNeil Johnston
Chief Financial OfficerRob Klee
Internet Marketing SpecialistAmy Janas
Information Services ManagerCurtis Wilkes
Information Services SupportRyan Maulding
Operations ManagerCharity Garner
Administrative AssistantsElizabeth Eslinger, Alena Saunders
Production InternChristabelle Soriano
Character Animation DirectorRick Eshbaugh
Character Animation ProducerJanet Sairs
Exposure Sheet AnimatorWilliam Crawford
Pencil TesterJacob Meyer
Packaging Project ManagementCatherine Haller
Packaging DesignMark Tolleshaug
Packaging CopyAudrey Thompson
Simon & SchusterJudith Curr, Anne Greenberg, Robin Kessler, Nancy Pines
The CastJustin Barrett (as Jacques Brunais, Tara V. Smith (as Lisa Ostrum), Scott Carty (as Ned Nickerson), Claire Gallagher (as Bess Marvin), Keri Healey (as Professor Hotchkiss), Lani Minella (as Nancy Drew), Maureen Nelson (as George Fayne), Thomas Stewart (as Dexter Egan)
Special ThanksSteven M. Allison, Gabrielle Benham, Andrea Britz, Julia Britz, Doyle Burnett, Jan Claesson, Leslie Evers, Art Huber, Alexandra James, Franklin Pitcher Johnson Jr., Robert Love, Laurie Mendez, Stan Roach, Tina Sikes, Audrey Ugrin, Michael Ugrin, Bob Wallace
Testing Testing Testing 1-2-3
Soundtrack BreakdownBada Big Bada Boom Productions
Public RelationsChen PR
MusicKevin Manthei Productions
SoundBill Corkery Productions, Clatter and Din
Character AnimationKaren Johnson Productions
PresidentDenise Roberts McKee

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Credits for this game were contributed by null-geodesic (243) and Jeanne (76262)