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Out Of Eight (Dec 04, 2007)
If you liked any of AGEOD’s other games, you’ll like this. Napoleon’s Campaigns is a more polished game overall and while it won’t appeal to casual strategy gamers because of its complexity, veteran players will find a lot to enjoy. The historical accuracy present in the game is quite impressive, from the orders of battle to the leaders to the exquisite map. The game covers Napoleon’s campaigns in full, and each scenario highlights a small portion of the time period instead of requiring you to complete the whole thing. Multiplayer support has been enhanced with TCP/IP options, and numerous small enrichments (additional abilities, rules of engagement, enhanced attrition) have filled out this impressive product. Napoleon’s Campaigns won’t win over any new converts who did not enjoy the previous AGEOD titles, but the devoted followers of the series will find a product that is certainly different enough from previous games to warrant a purchase.
Hooked Gamers (Mar 27, 2008)
Napoleon's Campaigns, like all other AGEOD games, is clearly not meant for the casual gamers. In fact, the majority of gamers may be taken aback by the lack of action and the numerous pages full of statistics and battle reports that this kind of a hardcore strategy game will cater to you. Rather, Napoleon's Campaigns will be enjoyed by those gamers who are enthusiastic about historical battles and really want to relive and re-plan those battles again and again - finally getting an answer to all those bothersome "What if...?" questions, the biggest one of them being: "What if Napoleon had been able to fulfil his dream and moved on to conquer England?"
AceGamez (Apr 10, 2008)
Napoleon's Campaigns should only be approached by history and strategy buffs who enjoy deep and complex strategy games where you live and die by your tactics. There may be a lack of action, but the sheer amount of statistics and historical accuracy on offer is more than enough for any enthusiast, resulting in a game that's all about the fine details when it comes to your approach to each and every conflict. This is military strategy without any graphical extravagance or explosions, but it's great at what it does, a polished and incredibly intricate turn-based strategy game with some additional novelty value thrown in. So, if you long to reinvent history and are a fan of this much-maligned genre then this is the game for you - just remember to book the rest of the year off work, now that you've got your own empire to build!
Napoleon's Campaigns are not for everyone, but for those of you who find this hardcore type of gaming appealing, this could quickly become your gold standard.
HonestGamers (Mar 21, 2008)
If you turn off your speakers, then, and overcome a rather bad translation, you might enjoy Napoleon’s Campaigns as long as you know exactly what to expect: military strategy stripped of all embellishments. I believe this is a barebones experience even for those players who really only want the battle planning and couldn’t care less about 3D graphics; Napoleon’s Spartan design does hurt gameplay, as what could have been an easy-to-navigate chart of available units is instead several pages of naked text. It is when you manage to put these overwhelming amounts of information in perspective that you can appreciate the flow of a campaign, and that is what Napoleon’s Campaigns has to offer.
Thunderbolt Games (Jun 02, 2008)
There is so much that went over my head while I played Napoleon’s Campaigns that it puts me in a difficult position as a writer. (...) Still, as a gaming writer, I think it’s fair that I judge this game according to what constitutes a fun video game, not a historical simulation. I’m not saying Napoleon’s Campaigns is bad, but chances are if you come to this site looking for reviews on Halo or Final Fantasy games, Napoleon’s Campaigns isn’t for you. That being said, hardcore war strategy enthusiasts should love it - the research has clearly been done, and by high strategy standards, it’s a good game. If ever there was a time to look up the word “objective”, it’s now - Napoleon’s Campaigns is an answer to some very specific prayers.
55 (Nov 22, 2007)
Wargame profond et bien documenté, ces Campagnes de Napoléon avaient tout pour plaire aux passionnés du genre. Cependant, à quoi bon gérer consciencieusement des tonnes de paramètres quand l'I.A ne suit pas ou quand les forces en présence sont trop déséquilibrées ? Le potentiel évident du soft ne s'est pas traduit dans les faits et en guise de stratégie, mon expérience s'est limitée à des affrontements grossiers. Dommage.
Computer Games France (Dec 14, 2007)
De la tactique, le tout Napoléon illustré, ses grandes heures et ses mauvaises passes, un manque de profondeur, des faiblesses défensives, les supporters ont apprécié, ce qui n’est pas forcément le cas des autres.