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GameSpy (Apr 29, 2000)
Right now NASCAR is hot, and only the most dedicated fan would find any serious flaw in the tracks or the drivers as presented.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun 29, 2000)
Nascar 2000 is een knappe racesim die vooral de liefhebbers zal plezieren.
Electronic Arts weiß schon, warum man auf eine Übersetzung von Nascar 2000 verzichtet. Jedes mittelmäßige Formel-1-Programm verkauft sich hier zu Lande besser als eine hochklassige Stock-Car-Simulation. Die Rennen sind dramatisch, die Fahrt rasant. Zusätzlich gibt es noch etliche Phantasiekurse (keine Ovale!), die vor allem im Multiplayer-Spiel Spaß machen. Aber das interessiert nur wenige. Sollte es anders sein? Fahren Sie gern im Schwergewicht? Haben Sie die Ausdauer für einen NASCAR-Marathon? Dann greifen Sie zu. Aber wer NASCAR noch nie gemocht hat, wird auch jetzt nicht mehr damit anfangen wollen.
ActionTrip (Apr 17, 2000)
The game is altogether mediocre. There is nothing that would make it particularly bad, just as there is nothing that would make it good. Racing fans can try it out, but I would recommend them not to expect too much fun. NASCAR fans, on the other hand, might have a lot of fun with it providing they are not too keen or realistic games.
Unlike its revolutionary bad predecessor, NASCAR 2000 is a fun game. EA Sports has finally put (most of) the pieces together and crafted an entertaining title that preserves the essential thrill of pushing a car to more than 180 mph. At the same time, however, this is still “NEED FOR SPEED does NASCAR.” Hardcore realists should clutch their copies of NASCAR RACING 3 to their chests and stop reading right now. If you’re an arcade-racing fan who’d like to shift the scene from Dolphin Point to Sears Point, keep going.
PC Gamer (Jul, 2000)
Sierra had better start watching its rear view mirror, as EA finally steps up with a stock car challenger.
GameStar (Germany) (May, 2000)
Nach dem letztjährigen Murks-Flop hat EA Sports die Kurve diesmal besser gekriegt – aber immer noch nicht perfekt. Nascar 2000 serviert relativ leicht zugängliche Rennen mit adretter Grafik und Unmengen an Unfällen. Ob sich Profis damit allerdings von Sierras Simulations-Klassikern weglocken lassen, ist ebenso fraglich wie der Faszinationsgrad für europäische Gelegenheits-Raser: Strecken-Monotonie und Schumi-Mangel sind hierzulande eine schwere Bürde.
65 (Sep 18, 2002)
The only thing that really made me like the game for a few seconds was the pits, and it wasn't because there were pit babes, but rather because the guys changing the tires and doing maintenance on my car looked like full-grown LEGO-people and I don't think EA meant this to be...
incite PC Gaming (Jul, 2000)
The king of NASCAR games is Sierra's NASCAR Racing 3. And when compared with that king, NASCAR 2000 can't keep up the pace.
NASCAR 2000 is much better then EA Sports' previous effort, NASCAR Revolution. It improves the game on many levels but still falls short of the standard set by NASCAR Racing 3. This is a series to watch, however - I can see future releases gaining ground and becoming a real contender. As it stands, this title isn't a bad game, but it doesn't compare to Papyrus' NASCAR Racing series quite yet. Bottom Line: Better than NASCAR Revolution, but still isn't ready to unseat Papyrus' NASCAR Racing series. The graphics look good, but the engine bogs down in places. Sound effects are very well done, but the radio warnings are off. Opponent AI is very strong and shows off distinct personalities and driving styles.
NASCAR 2000 is clearly a lot better than its awful predecessor, NASCAR Revolution, but it still does not make the grade. Sierra’s NASCAR Racing 3 and NASCAR Legends are still the titles of choice for racing simulation fans, and for those who love arcade racers there is still no PC stock car offering satisfying out there. In just so many areas NASCAR 2000 comes close but gets no cigar, and after two tries I am beginning to suspect that there are some fundamental flaws and limitations with the basic Stormfront Studios code that underlies this effort. The only really commendable areas are the graphics (but not including the animation), the pit crew dynamics, and the artificial intelligence (but not during crashes), and these are more than offset by areas of fatal flaws such as in frame rates and collision behavior. So if you are considering buying this release, consider the yellow caution flag to be firmly out there giving you fair warning of problems ahead.