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NASCAR Racing 2003 Season Credits


Desigh & Production DirectorRichard Yasi
ProducersEric Busch, David Chait, Steve Myers, Richard Yasi
Associate DesignerGreg Hill
Technical LeadDavid Chait
Art DirectorDavid D. Flamburis
General ManagerRich Reily
Principal EngineerRandy Cassidy
EngineeringWilliam Farquhar, Mat MacKenzie, Grant Reeve
Additional EngineeringDavid Kaemmer
Gameplay ProductionEric Busch, Greg Hill, Kevin Iannarelli, Steve Myers, Richard Yasi
Additional ProductionRodney Arndt, Jeff Pinard, Bob Stanley, Jay Taylor
Paintkit ProgrammingMikhail Tchekmarev
User Interface ArtMichelle Balkan
Lead 3D Car ArtistJohn Carbone
3D ArtGeorge Grimshaw, Mat Matera, Sean Thompson, David Sweet
2D ArtKirill Kryukov


Brand ManagerTabitha Hayes
PR ManagerAnne Eckles
Marketing DirectorCharles Grover Holtzclaw
QA DirectorGary Stevens
QA SupervisorKen Eaton
Sierra Licensing AgentKeystone Marketing
Art InternsNick Gauthier, Alec Moody
SystemsKerry McDonald, Hieu Tran
Additional Sound DesignGreg Hill, Soundwave Concepts

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Credits for this game were contributed by Robert Wolfe (88) and Corn Popper (69260)