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Nat Geo Adventure: Ghost Fleet Credits

38 people (24 developers, 14 thanks)

National Geographic Games

Executive Vice President, Global MediaPaul Levine
Vice President, Global MediaChris Mate
Vice President, Business DevelopmentMark Pifer
Director of DevelopmentVijay Lakshman
Director of MarketingLaShun Lawson
Producer, NatGeo GamesAdriano Parrotta
Production Coordinator, NatGeo GamesSoraya van Dillen
PlaytesterAidan Lakshman
Special Thanks ToMeredith Conte (National Geographic Channel), Mimi Dornack (National Geographic Imaging), Charlie Regan (National Geographic Society - Digital Maps), Kevin Allen (National Geographic Society - Digital Maps), Todd Herman (National Geographic Television - Standards & Practices), Paulina Vaca (National Geographic Television - Standards & Practices), Johnna Flahive (National Geographic Television - Standards & Practices), Timothy T. Kelly (National Geographic Society - President - Global Media Group)

National Geographic Ventures

COOTed Prince
PresidentTed Prince
CFO, Finance & PlanningMike Ulica

Digi Ronin Games

Executive ProducerPaul Potera
Chief Customer OfficerJay Powell
Chief Creative OfficerBen Moy

Ocean Media Games

Executive ProducerVedran Klanac
Lead ProgrammerTomislav Herman
Additional ProgrammingMladen Božić, Vatroslav Dino Matijaš, Drago Ružman, Zlatko Bratković, Vedran Klanac
Game DesignVedran Klanac, Duje Kragić, Dubravko Jurina
Lead ArtistDubravko Jurina
Additional ArtSiniša Ilakovac Illa, Karlo Skozret
MusicDamjan Mravunac
Sound effectsDamjan Mravunac
Special Thanks ToNjofra, HŽ, ZET, Ljubica Matković, Tvrtko Kapetanović, Radio Antena - Zagreb

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Karlo Skozret, 6 other games
Ted Prince, 6 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80143)