The Nations Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Game menu (playing as the Pimmons).
A small Pimmons settlement. At noon, workers go to the tavern to take a snack.
Tutorial mission briefing screen.
While most of the various workers are usually recruited from the local population, learned scientists are hired and must be paid a salary on a regular basis.
A scientist is at work in the tower.
There is a variety of scaled view modes in the game. This one is useful for planning a suitable construction site.
An extreme close-up view of the settlement.
You can view detailed information about every citizen, including family members, housing, employment status and the level of happiness.
The carpentry produces wooden boards from tree logs, which is needed for the construction of advanced buildings.
Choose your side
8 AM. Work starts.
Laboratory is building
Gatherer society
Night is coming....
New couples in relationships