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Naval War: Arctic Circle Credits

36 people (34 developers, 2 thanks)

Turbo Tape Games

Game ProducerFredrik Sundt Breien
ProgrammerJan Haugland
Lead Game DesignerJan Haugland
Lead Art DirectorØyvind Lien
Lead Game ProgrammerAndreas Johansen
Game ProgrammersEspen Thomassen Sæverud, Tor-Inge Jenssen
Co-ProducersLars L. Marøy (Fuzz AS), Dave Spilde
StoryMikkel Grüner
Concept ArtMikkel Grüner
ArtKine Klubnes
AnimationReidar Arnesen
Sound DesignerBjarte Sebastian Hansen
Market ResearchTarjei A. Heggernes
MusicHarald Nævdal (credited as Demonaz)
Developed in cooperation withFUZZ AS
Production funded byThe Norwegian Film Institute

Paradox Interactive

CEOFredrik Wester
EVP SalesReena M. Miranda
EVP PublishingSusana Meza Graham
Executive ProducerMattias Lilja
ProducerJörgen Björklund
QA ProducerErika S. Kling
PR ManagerBoel Bermann
Marketing ManagerDaniela Sjunnesson
Product & Event ManagerJeanette Bauer
Sales AssociatesAndrew Ciesla, Jason Ross, Don Louie
Finance & AccountingEmilia Hanssen
LocalizationS&H Entertainment
Packaging & Manual LayoutRetrographic
Cover ArtBrendan McCaffrey
Marketing Assets2 Coats Creations
PackshotsMartin Doersam
Thanks toAll our partners worldwide; in particular long-term partners
Special Thanks toAll forum members; operation partners and supporters; who are integral for our success

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (747756)