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antstream tournament

NBA Full Court Press Credits

32 people (30 developers, 2 thanks)


AnnouncerKevin Calabro
CoachingSteve Gordon
NBA ConsultantDetlef Schrempf
Motion Capture modelLance Hughes
Motion Capture byBiovision
Audio ScriptTerry MacDonald
ProgrammingIain Cartwright, Kevin Burfitt, Myles Abbott, Steven Scott, Adam Blanch, Jason Bell, Gerard van der Linden
Systems ProgrammingPhilip Mitchell
ArtistsJeremy Kupsch, Grant Arthur, Damian Borg
Quality AssuranceLeigh Reynolds, Andrew Buttery, Glen Horrigan, Jared Quinert, Andrew Heap
Special ThanksMark Bainbridge, Kevin Garant
Project ManagerJames Tutton
Chairman PublisherAlfred Milgrom
Managing DirectorAdam Lancman
From the NBAGreg Lassen, Carmin Romanelli, Joe Amati, Michelle Leftwich, Pamela Gazzo

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Credits for this game were contributed by tbuteler (3147)

antstream tournament