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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu
The Hot Pursuit Championship Tree
choosing a track to race on
The lamborgini murcielago
starting a race
racing down the road using the outside view
A police car begins the chase
Bumping a police car is easy here
hey i can be a policeman too
driving as the police car in Hot Pursuit
Car selection. There are two unlocked cars to begin with with many which can be bought with points you earn in game.
There are also cop versions of many cars for the "Be The Cop" game.
One of the two default behind car views.
In car view. Sadly there's no dashboard.
It's not a need for speed game without the jump-cam!
There are three motifs in total for locations. They are all coastal, with the first one feeling a bit like Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Here's a pack of racers doing whatever it takes to et ahead of each other. This is another available view in-game. A third person type over the shoulder view. Not very practical for actual racing.
The second motif is a Hawaiian one. Including volcanos and villages with huts. It also looks like Pride Parade is happening sometime soon.
The cops use their usual arsenal of tactics to stop you from running away. Of course, you can fight back.
The beautiful vistas can also be a hindrance, blinding you with sunbeams or with fog.
Busted! During the busting, the animation takes place in-game.
As the cop you have to ram the speeders to earn points. Make sure your siren is on so that the local traffic will get out of your way.
This car is obviously too fast for these small Mediterranean streets. This is the third motif which combines elements of coastal Mediterranean towns.
Your character in the car is animated to the point that he will switch gears when the engine actually switches gears.
Another staple of a Need For Speed game...the small town to drive though, with a gas station that dings when you drive through it.