Need for Speed: Undercover Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen.
Main menu
The overview map
Another title screen.
Doing a highway battle
Slowing down the time by using the Speedbreaker.
I won - I always do...
The car shop with everything you need to make your car faster and uglier.
Advanced to the next driver level.
Driving over a bridge or through a construction site - I can't really tell.
My character's skills
FMVs featuring hot babes - what more does a NfS-game need?
Racing towards the coast line with almost seven seconds head start.
Ingame advertising.
Destroying few police cars.
Your hood is blocking the view.
Driving a classic car.
Damaging your opponent.
Driving through a shortcut.
On a long bridge.
Spotted a police car.
Traffic accident.
One of the bad guys.
Driving a yellow sport car.
Hood view inside a tunnel.
Photo gallery mode.
Offroad driving with lamborghini.
Sunlight makes it hard to see ahead.
Bugatti Veyron should go 407km/h.
Race starting.
Blue smoke shows you finish line.
Speed limit only 55?
With photomode you can make neat screenshots and send them to EA Nation.
Starting the race...
..but before it you SHOULD watch non-skippable cutscene.