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Need for Speed: V-Rally 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu.
A Dangerous Road.
Inside Our Car.
Low Visibility.
Beware with the People!!!
Resuming the championship.
In the first two rally championships every round consists of two stages.
You can make changes if you don't like the recommended car setup.
Mitsubishi Lancer is getting dirty in Finland.
The co-pilot's directions are shown as arrows at the top of the screen.
I've won the round in Corsica.
Repairing the car in-between stages.
The rankings before the final stage.
I find Lancer to be the most responsive car in most racing games.
Unlocked Renault 8 Gordini.
The World Championship is next.
Choosing a car.
Successive turns are incoming.
Night racing is my biggest weakness.
Admiring the sunset in Indonesia.
The French countryside.
And a dam, also in the French Alps.
My Subaru is very battered at the moment. You can't feel it through a screen, but it doesn't respond very well.
Some of the rounds in the Expert Championship have 1-on-1 action as the final third stage. You can see here the opponent on the parallel lane.
Selecting a location for the time trial.
Some TT action with the bonus car Renault Alpine A110.
In the Arcade and Trophy modes you can see your opponents.
First-person perspective. There are several other camera angles.