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Neighbors from Hell (Windows)

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Written by  :  Cabeza2000 (818)
Written on  :  Jul 07, 2003
Rating  :  2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars

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Fun for two hours then it turns boring.

The Good

As an avid old gamer there are few main points on up-coming new games that immediately comes to my attention and one of them is originality.

Once I heard about Neighbours From Hell, I mean the main idea and the execution of this idea I told to myself: "There you go, is a must-try"; and you know what, the originality was great and it provided two hours of fun gaming.

The Bad

This game aim to the wrong audience and this is a huge mistake. It is intented for teen and mature audience and this idea will just work great aiming for kids. The point is that to beat a level you just need to "learn" the path that your neighbor will take and what he does and then act on accordance. This is plain stupid, a sane person don't take a shower every minute or don't go to sleep every minute.

The lack of levels is annoying, when you buy a game you expect to be playing at least for two or three weeks without "repeating" the stuff, well, on this game you will find yourself that the traps and tricks you need to set for your neighbor are the same as you did in previous levels at the same place and with the absolute same art-work. Mainly the game have just 3 seasons (let’s say scenarios) and the levels are played on this seasons each one containing slight differences if we compare with the others.

The Bottom Line

Let’s say it this way:

If you like to waste money take it, play it and then you will be happy to purge it from your computer. If u take care of your money you already know my recommendation