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NetStorm: Islands at War Credits

77 people (51 developers, 26 thanks)

Titanic Entertainment

Chief NerdTony Bratton
President and NerdKen Demarest III
Art DirectorBeverly Garland
Director of Mind Control ProductsJim Greer
Father and AuthorSteven Moore
ArtistChip Patterson, Kelcey Privett
Chief Executive NerdZachary Booth Simpson

Additional Support

Video SupportThomas Blom
Voice and Sound EffectsRandy Buck
Voice TalentTom Byrne, John King
Conceptual ArtRichard Mather (Dicko), Morgan Ogburn
Graphic CodeJohn Miles
MusicMark Morgan
Additional ProgrammingMike Privett
Conversion to HtmlPurple Frog Software
SecurityBoutros Boutros-Doggie

Activision Production

Executive ProducerMitch Lasky
ProducerJonathan Knight, Jason Kay
Production CoordinatorJohn Cibulski
LocalizationsSandi Isaacs

German Localization

Activision GermanyNatascha Conrad, Gaby Heissenberg
MB Office ServiceMaren Bitzer
German Speech RecordingsM & S Music
German QA TestingEffective Media
European Development ManagerSimon Harris

Activision Marketing and Public Relations

Product ManagerPeter Karpas
Assistant Product Manager (Intern)Steve Perkins
Manager Corporate CommunicationsKerstine Johnson
Junior PublicistElizabeth Capps

Activision Documentation

AuthorMark H. Walker
Documentation ManagerMichael Rivera
Technical Help DocumentationRonnie Lane
Documentation Writer / Production ArtistBelinda M. Van Sickle

Activision Creative Services

Creative DirectorRon Gould
Lead CopywriterVeronica Milito
Senior DesignerJames Bridges

Activision Quality Assurance

QA ManagerDavid Arnspiger
Senior QA Project LeadTim Vanlaw
Project LeadMitchell Goldman
TesterAaron Casillas, Chris Campbell, Michael Brady, Christopher Toft, Aaron Gray, Laurent Slutzky, Matthew J. Powers

Special Thanks

Special Thanks toBill Anker, Napoléon Bonaparte, Anthony Bowren, Christian C. Casparian, Greg Corgain, Scott Culbertson, Sean Dunn, Kelly C. Egan, Lydia Estrada, Kevin Gliner, Eric Johnson, Brian G. Kelly, Gary Knight, Robert Kotick, Maryanne Lataif, Walsh, Julia Moore, George Patton (General), David Petchay, Jean Powell, Pamela Sandige, Wendy Scherdorf, Ronald Scott, Michael Tracy, David Vonderhaar, Denise Walsh

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Credits for this game were contributed by SupSuper (2466), jeff reitman (64) and formercontrib (158176)