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Early in 2002, players faced a troubled year with NetStorm. Activision intended NetStorm to have a mass number of players and so they had several global servers including Israel, Australia, New Jersey, United Kingdom, and Activision's main server, which is the most used. Throughout the years, NetStorm's global servers began shutting down one after another. Activision's main server started showing signs of a similar fate. The server kept going down due to exploits abused by players. Activision made several attempts to fix it. For a few months the server would be up for 2-4 days and went down again for over a month. On May 28th, 2002 , the Activision's customer support answered, "The NetStorm servers have been taken down. There are no plans to reactivate these servers in the future." The main server of NetStorm was officially closed.

In May of 2002, after trying to host a new DS server for NetStorm, it seemed at first the DS team did not want to host it due to their Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Activision and that they could be sued. So they decided to negotiate with Activision, and in the mean time FleetAdmiral decided to host a chatting server on a Sub Server. Through all the dark and troubled times, NetStorm was given a chance to shine. Highlander from DS finally got in touch with Activision whom said that they did not mind allowing a public-owned server and was willing to send the old NetStorm server. The community never received such server. However, once given "the okay", BarkingMonkey setup a DNS script and the address as Without any hesitation, a wave of new and old players alike plunged into the new server.

Shortly after BarkingMonkey's server got a domain name and DNS script; it became unstable as it went down almost every day for a few hours due to players using exploits. BarkingMonkey did some coding to stop some issues and later made MrBiG an administrator for the server. A few months later the server was very stable, it functioned normally unless there was a power outage or something unavoidable which occurred maybe once a month.

In September of 2002, after a few attempts at a site design, NetStorm: HQ was finally launched. Commonly referred as NSHQ, it became a haven for all NetStorm newcomers and older players. NetStorm: HQ hosted many downloads but most importantly distributed the NetStorm full version for free, which Activision didn't seem to care at all. It seemed like great timing that NSHQ arose as the domain had expired. BarkingMonkey signed up for a new domain name, Everyone was quickly informed of the change mainly because it was advertised on NetStorm: HQ.

With the community site and game running smoothly, it took almost three and half months of producing and testing to get the new patch stable and finished. The patch 10.64 was released in mid September of 2003.

About 3 or 4 months after the patch was released, a player intentionally spammed the zones with multiple NetStorm.exe and crashed the server. FleetAdmiral, who runs the server today, had a proxy server that could stop the player's abuse. So FleetAdmiral debugged his server so that people would be able to play on it. There was no choice but to use FleetAdmiral's server as a back up server while BarkingMonkey attempted to fix the exploits on his server. After many attempts, BarkingMonkey called it quits and decided it would be best to give FleetAdmiral the server software which allowed him host it from now on. After all these events, MrBiG took a short hiatus and got Kelljes to run NetStorm: HQ, which is hosting the game since present day. Ticonderoga Entertainment released the new patch 10.72 with with brand new features and many bug fixes in the summer of 2005.

Currently, the skies of NetStorm have been rather calm. There have been proposed projects here and there, the main one being the new upcoming patch of 10.80.

Contributed by Ivo ns (13) on Jul 01, 2007. -- edit trivia

The game sold only 13,500 copies.

Contributed by bkaradzic (52) on Mar 11, 2006. -- edit trivia

Titanic Entertainment's only game. Shortly after shipping, company closed down. Activision did not market game well and sales were poor. Gamecenter voted Netstorm the top game no one ever played.

Contributed by jeff reitman (64) on May 29, 2000. -- edit trivia