Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate Credits

Ossian Studios Inc.

ProducerAlan Miranda
Production CoordinatorElizabeth Starr
Lead DesignerLuke Scull
Co‑Lead DesignerAlan Miranda
WriterLuke Scull, Mat Jobe, Russ Davis, Alex Hugon
EditorElizabeth Starr
Lead technical DesignerRaphael Faccioli
Level DesignerAlex Wagner
3D ArtistBrian Dunn
2D ArtistAlan Miranda
Cinematic ArtistBrian Watson
Beta TestersZach Holbrook, Rich Barker, Karl Palmskog
Chief Executive OfficerAlan Miranda
Chief Operations OfficerElizabeth Starr
Creature ArtGhostfactory Games [], Christoper Thornton, Andy Nisbet
Cinematic ArtRick Sardinha (
Promotional ArtRick Sardinha (
Audio ProducerAlan Miranda
Music composed byDavid John (
Music performed byDavid John (
VO and SFX ProductionDavid Chan
VO recorded atBlackman Productions Inc.
Voice ActingShannon Blanchet, Clinton Carew, Cathy Derkach, Gord Marriott, Jana O'Connor, Chris Postle, George Szilagyi, Lily Townsend
Special ThanksJonny Ree

Obsidian Entertainment, Inc.

Additional Technical SupportKevin D. Saunders, Richard Taylor, Josh Verrall, Andrew Woo

Atari Interactive, Inc.

Chief Executive OfficerFrederic Chesnais
VP, Atari Interactive PropertiesKathryn Butters
Chief Financial OfficerMichael Rouette
lime, llc - Lawyers for Interactive Media & EntertainmentSteven Bercu

Atari, Inc.

ProducerKeehwan Her
Senior ProducerLawrence Liberty
VP of Product DevelopmentHudson Piehl
Senior VP Content GroupJean-Marcel Nicolaï
Director of Production Support & QA Samuel Gatté
Production Support Project ManagerSara Hasson
VP of Business Development & 3rd PartyRobert Stevenson
Director of Business DevelopmentRoger F. A. Arias, Ian Sharpe
Business Development CoordinatorNicholas Aronis
Senior Director of Marketing OperationsSteve Tucker
Senior Product ManagerJeremiah Cohn
Manager of Customer Relationship ManagementBrennen Vega
Customer Support RepresentativeJames Giambrone
Manager of Channel MarketingJoanna Negron
Public Relations SpecialistAlissa Bell
Traffic ManagerKate Crotty
Marketing Finance ManagerLisa Bonk
Research SpecialistRaymond Lau
Director of Web Design and TechnologyTracy Swanson
Director of Content and CommunitiesAlex Rudis
Business Development Associate Matt Labunka
Assistant Community ManagerNicolette Valdespino
VP of Inventory & Operations AccountingRobert Spellerberg
Lead Senior BuyerLisa Leon
Senior BuyerGardnor Wong
BuyerTara Moretti
VP & General CounselKristina Pappa
Senior Director of Legal and Business AffairsKristen J. Keller
Manager of IP Rights and ClearancesJoseph McDonald
Director, Strategic RelationsJoy Schneer
Sr. Manager Strategic RelationsCecilia Munoz
Manager of Publishing SupportEzequiel Nunez
QA Project LeadJason Gates
Manager, Compatibility and Engineering ServicesDavid Strang
Engineering Services TechnicianEugene Lai
Compatibility AnalystPatricia-Jean Cody
Sr. Compatibility AnalystChris McQuinn
TestersAnthony Rogers, Corey Messer, Daniel Mazzanti, James Benn, Jeff Beaudoin, Paul Streifel
Special Thanks toHasbro, Wizards of the Coast, Rich Redman, Robert Watkins, Jerry Chu, Bill Carroll, Andrew Collins, Bill Slavicsek, Christopher Perkins, David Noonan, Ellen Guilfoyle, Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel, James Wyatt, Jeff Tam, Kim Mohan, Liz Schuh, Mark Sehestedt, Ming Chan, Philip Athans, Rachel Hoagland, Richard Baker, Rob Heinsoo, Scout Rouse, Stephen Schubert, Susan J. Morris

Enzyme Testing Labs

Project ManagerAntoine van Eetvelde
Lead TesterSteve Paquin
TestersNicholas Mainville, Nancy Plouffe, Louis-Simon Desloges, Yann Levert-Cadieux, Thomas Tranchemontagne, Philippe Forget

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (205268)