Neverwinter Nights Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The Lay of the Land. Designing an outdoors setting, complete with elves and minotaurs.
Multiple Personalities. The character selection screen.
Have swords, will travel. Dual-wielding is one of the skills nearly anyone can pick up on in NWN.
Yes, I shop at Vallejo's. The editor allows you to change everything about NPCs from their stats to (depending on the model) the clothes they wear.
Pretty faces. Some of the female character portraits available.
Not exactly Drizzt. Although not truly a player choice, one can come close to playing a drow, as this player and her panther familiar demonstrate.
Battle Mages. Our sorceress heroin unless magic against a mysterious adversary.
Hammer Time. It may seem cruel to attack an unarmed man with such a big warhammer...but if you look closely at his arrow filled legged, it's probably a mercy killing.
Common sense. The loading screens feature pretty artwork and useful (if pretty obvious) gameplaying suggestions.
Typical AD & D character creation. Should be familiar to anybody who played Baldur's Gate games or "Icewind Dale"
Waterdhavian creatures. Your first quests in the game are closely connected to them.
The highlighted chests often contain useful stuff. You can zoom whenever you like
Character information
Intro to the First Chapter
Uh oh... talking to yourself. What's the matter, guys, couldn't design some more faces?
Wandering around in the city. Lots of NPCs to talk to. Automap appears conveniently in the corner if you press "M"
After killing those ruffians, let's see what they got. The inventory looks just like in "Arcanum".
The mages conjure the cure to the plague.
Fight club, Neverwinter Night style!
Not quite as good looking as Dungeon Siege, PC Gamer? Yeah, right!
Exploring beneath the Tanglewood Estate. One of the most colorful scenes in the game.
Multiplayer - Create a New Account screen
Up close, even the "Entangle" spell looks cool as it wiggles and flexes.
I've conjured Belial! Now what do I do with him?
There be DRAGONS here!!
Turning my back to the Light
Battle in the Forest
Using potions or spells to buff yourself is a good idea. Here you can see the "Barkskin" potion in effect. (Polish)
My henchman got affected by the bone golem's fear aura and now he's fleeing in panic (Polish)