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New Vegas Games Credits (Windows)

New Vegas Games Windows The Title Screen! (everybody's favorite screenshot)


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New Vegas Games Credits


ProducersT. J. Higgins, Nicolas Murphy III
Lead EngineerJ. A. Ames
ProgrammerNicolae Abagiu, Robert Bredlau
ArtistsTroy Bargatze, April Haight
MusicJohn Bartelt, John Holt
Quality Assurance LeadFadi Awed
Quality Assurance TestersRon Duke, Nelson Prince
IntegrationDaniel Ramirez
DocumentationEd Turner
Vice President of DevelopmentSylvia Martinez
Vice President of MarketingJill Griffin
Director of PC MarketingBetsi Shepherd
Director of Licensing & Business DevelopmentRichard Lowenthal
Beta MonkiesJohn Brodzinski, Kevin Fabretti
Special ThanksJosh Hackney, Tim Knappenberger, John Schomp

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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10541)