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This program contains the classic version of the highly addictive puzzle game Tetris with improved sound and graphics, as well as new variations that require more thought and strategy. While The Next Tetris will look rather familiar, it is quite a departure from the classic version. Two-player mode is especially exciting.
games xtreme (Dec 13, 1999)
There are lots of cool little bits that Hasbro have added to this game to make it just that little bit different than the original; the cool menu graphics, the different playing modes, the ability to reply the best tetris moves, the ranking system, and of course all the in game extras such as the ability to spin blocks into places, which they would not normally be able to get into. Overall this is a nice remake of a classic, with enough little visual extras to get you into it, and tetris its self will do the rest.
Power Unlimited (Feb, 2000)
Het blijft een verdomd verslavend spelletje, maar dat is geen nieuws. Leuk voor mijn vriendin, jouw oma en Ed's moeder, maar laat mij maar lekker Tetris spelen op de Game Boy.
Auch wenn aus der Spiel-Idee etwas Luft heraus ist, für die Mittagspause etwa ist The Next Tetris absolut geeignet.
Playing The Next Tetris is like going through the bottom of your closet and coming across some favorite toys from years ago. They're still kind of cool, you might mess around with them for a few minutes, but after a while you just drift on to something else. This game's got the minimum features, it has a practice mode (for whatever reason), score marathon, two-player mode, classic mode and feature that lets you "compete" against the best on the net. But in the end, from the dull opening movie to that lack of any real new features that haven't been available in the dozens of knock-offs, this game is destined for the bargain bins.
PC Joker (Jan, 2000)
Obwohl das Game in einer 2D-Ansicht läuft, werden die Klötze polygonal dargestellt, was ohne 3D-Beschleuniger zu dezentem Ruckeln führt. Und auch sechs Spielmodi von „klassisch“ über „Duell“ bis zum „ Punktemarathon“ vermögen wenig daran zu ändern, dass es Gleichwertiges schon lange kostenlos als Free- und Shareware gibt.
Apparently today's gamers wouldn't accept a remake unless each piece was modeled in 3D. It supports 3D acceleration, though you'll be hard pressed to tell—this is possibly the ugliest version of the game in existence. So it looks like all of those Tetris fans will be going back to that high-tech GameBoy version for their falling block fix.