NHL 09 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Maine Menu
As always the game comes with the complete license.
Let the deathmatch begin.
A small fight on the ice.
Face off in front of the enemy teams goal.
IT's really hard to hit the net.
A shoot out since the game ended 4:4.
Well, I lost the shoot out.
Teemu Selänne gets a two minute penalty.
The team's coach.
Team Finland's players in exchange box.
Saku Koivu gets shorthanded goal.
Replay mode.
Three stars are highlighted after the patch ends.
Players arrive at the arena.
Broadcast view.
Anaheim Gazette newspaper.
Dynasty mode.
Your team finances in dynasty mode.
Scouting Report.
Player information.
Team selection screen.
Hybrid Controls.
Today's match-up.
Loading screen.
You have received a trade proposal.
Season calendar.
My top scorers