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Power Unlimited (Mar, 1999)
Zoals kenners weten, duurt een race bij drag racing maar een paar seconden en hier dus ook. En in die paar seconden kan van alles fout gaan. Sta dus niet gek te kijken als jouw race al na een of twee seconden over is. En dan moet je dus weer een nieuwe race laoden en dat duurt twintig seconden.
PC Gamer (Mar, 1999)
Die-hard NHRA fans and technophobes with an interest in drag racing (do such people exist?) will find some value in this game, but real gearheads will grow bored with it after a few hours.
I would say that unless you are an NHRA or Drag Racing fan, then save your money to buy some other racing game, because you will not be happy with this one. NHRA is definately a nice game for its type, in fact, its a great game for its type, but not a great racing game in general.
GameSpot (Nov 03, 1998)
In its favor, NHRA Drag Racing does a pretty good job of re-creating the sensation of incredibly high speed involved in top-fuel drag racing. But it's a short-lived thrill, and the samey-samey feel of every event only makes you wish that you were either at a real drag race or watching one on television - especially when you consider there's absolutely no option for multiplayer racing. And when an interactive product makes you wish you were a passive observer, you know it hasn't done its job.
NHRAdr is aimed directly at the enthusiast, but it could be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in motor sport. Tantrum has seemingly worked closely with the NHRA to produce this game, it's littered with current American champion teams and race personalities. I'm sure I would have got a lot more out of the game if I was familiar with the teams and their drivers. For Tantrum's first game this is a good effort, although there are a few annoyances with the way the game flows and its interface. One for the drag fans.
If you play with an 8MB-video card, the action is very slow. Without at least 16MB of video memory, you won't feel as if you're racing at 300 mph. With more detail and presentation (automated camera angles, better graphics and controls), NHRA Drag Racing would be a fantastic game. As is, it stands as a good representation of what dragging racing is all about and gives you an idea of the dangers involved.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Dec 31, 1998)
Een goed spel kan je steeds verrassen, zelfs al ben je geen fan van het genre. Deze NHRA Drag Racing doet dat zeker niet. Het minste wat je toch kan verwachten, is een vlotte engine. Maar zelfs dat is blijkbaar teveel gevraagd voor de jongens van Tantrum Entertainment. Enkel kopen als je geld te veel hebt of als je cd-doosjes verzamelt!
Game Over Online (Aug 13, 1998)
In summary, the game offers little in the eye candy department, and audio was overall unimpressive. Above all else, the point of the game is driving a car that the programmers set up for you down a track in a straight line. Honestly, I can't imagine what the HELL the people who came up with this game were thinking. One other glaring omission, which I wanted to mention, was that this game gave you no real feeling of speed. Lets not forget that in real life a top fuel car goes from 0-240mph in about 3 seconds, that is a fact, and this game gave NO feeling of this. Perhaps the programmers should think twice about wasting their talents on a game like this, and next time put some more attention to detail into the game. In my opinion, stick to Burnout Drag Racing, its a better game, or wait for Burnout Championship Edition if you want your drag racing fix.
Although I really enjoy racing, I am afraid this game fell well beneath my threshold of fun because of severe limitations in virtually every aspect of its design. If you are a diehard drag racing fan, then buying NHRA Drag Racing might not be a mistake, largely because it is the most authentic game of this type on the market. But if, like me, you are new to the sport, then although you will learn a lot about its background I am afraid you will find the racing itself to be kind of a drag.