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Nick Naster's eXtinction Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The shuttle is departuring from the mothership
The shuttle is passing a burning complex, while en route to the big city
The shuttle is approching the city, where the vaccine is assumed to be
The shuttle is hovering over the Defense HQ landing platform; only seconds later, Cmdr. Naster will be beamed down to the platform
Mission briefing before a new level
ComSat Navigation System (Map)
In-game objectives.
This red "door" blocks your way, until...
You find such a keycard, this is of course for the green barriers
This Terminal is one of the mission objectives, walk in front and it gets activated
After completing all objectives, go to the exit
Try to avoid these mines
On top of the screen, that was an auto-cannon
Ouch, that was an enemy rocket
One enemy is dead, two are still firing
That big explosing were once three enemies
Your own rocket launcher in action
That explosion comes from your Bio Cannon
Bad luck for the enemy, a direct hit with you Photon Launcher