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Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Cutscene of the mayor giving you your mission. Good voice acting.
Cutscene with your character, Joshua.
The roof of Simon Ruby's apartment complex. The little subtle animates give wonderful life to the scenes.
Meeting one of Union city's undesirables in the subway
In the wine cellar, with the game's usual logic puzzles
Coming out of the jungle. Josh travels all the world.
Another cool location you go to.
Luckily, getting killed easily is not something you have to worry about often.
Get ready for some nasty pixel-hunting
One of the main characters: Eva Tompson.
Your crammed inventory.
The options screen.
Too late
Welcome to cyber reality
The fire is too hot for the moment
The only way to access the castle
There is nothing to do here
You're not supposed to see that
Escape now and forever