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    An Adventure for the Entire Family

    Explore...the banks of the Nile as you embark on the ultimate adventure. NILE is a quest that takes you back four thousand years to experience the wonders of Giza, Saqqara, and Thebes. Visit the pyramids when they were new, as you search for offerings to rescue three Pharaohs. Explore 3-D environments, rich in graphic detail. Navigate through the architecture of ancient Egypt, restored to its original splendor.

    Discover...the ancient culture of the Nile in 15 exquisitely illustrated Egyptian myths, stories, and tales of wonder - narrated by acclaimed actress Kelly McGillis, with music by renowned recording artist Brian Eno.

    See and hear the exciting tales of:
    • The god Horus, who battles his uncle Seth
    • Imhotep, who creates the first pyramid
    • A Prince who rescues the Great Sphinx
    • The shipwrecked sailor who meets a serpent
    • Meet the Challenge of the Nile as you overcome perils that await you on your quest. Test your skills with authentic games from ancient Egypt. Beware the red hippo as you journey to the Hall of Judgement.
    Challenge yourself with 3-D Activities and Puzzles:
    • Build your own pyramid
    • Spear fish from an ancient yacht
    • Play Egyptian board games: Senet and Hounds & Jackals
    • Help Isis put Osiris back together again

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on Apr 09, 2006.