Nile: An Ancient Egyptian Quest Credits

Stone House Productions

NarrationKelly McGillis
MusicBrian Eno
Written ByOswaldo Spence
Voice of AnubisAlexander Kulcsar
IllustrationMichael Donato, Jeffrey Smith, Joel Spector, Judy Pedersen
Creative DirectorCheryl Carlesimo
Game DesignCheryl Carlesimo, Craig Rogers
Content SupervisorCheryl Carlesimo
Executive ProducerCraig Rogers
Video DirectorCraig Rogers
Audio DirectorCraig Rogers

Zap Media LLC

Lead EngineerJohn Meisell
Lead 3D AnimatorRyan Lesser
Video & SoundJosh Pearson
2D AnimatorRoss Spiller
DevelopmentGreg Deocampo
EngineerAlex Tyrrell
3D ArchitectureAdvanced Media Design
ProducerTracy Brown
Art DirectorTracy Brown
Game DesignTracy Brown

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Associate Curator, Department of Egyptian ArtCatharine H. Roehrig
Associate Director, Department of EducationKent Lydecker

Simon & Schuster Interactive

Freelance Senior ProdcuerMark Safire
Vice PresidentGilles Dana, Jeffrey Siegel
General ManagerGilles Dana
Creative DirectorJeffrey Siegel
Packaging DesignIRON Design

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