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IGN (Aug 10, 1999)
Overall, the game designers did a good job with NIRA Intense Import Drag Racing. I didn't like it quite as much as Burnout: Championship Drag Racing, but it was fun and it did keep me coming back for more, at least for a while. The only big problem with the game is the graphics and sound aren't up to par with other modern racers, and that it's a niche title that appeals to hardcore drag racing fans and may alienate the average gamer who's just looking for some quick fun. Intense Import does have a high learning curve, so expect to spend some time exploring all of the aspects of the game. But if you do have the patience for it, you'll be rewarded with a drag racing game that's surprisingly fun and entertaining.
Fairly straightforward here folks, literally. Import Drag is a pure drag racing simulation, yet on the level of import street cars, not your average dragsters. The cars handle well and the game designers were quite detailed in their endeavor to create an extremely true-to-life sim. You can warm your tires, wipe your brow, and wait for the green here. Although there is not a great sum of control to worry about, Intense Import makes up for it on how well you can customize your racer. The die hard racer will definitely appreciate the smoothness and realism in the control of the different cars along with the thought processes necessary to be a true champion.
GameSpot (Oct 18, 1999)
However, it turns out that NIRA Intense Import Drag Racing is little more than an add-on pack for Hot Rod Championship Drag Racing designed to run as a stand-alone product. I'm thankful that Bethesda at least kept the sticker price low ($19.95), but the bottom line is that everything that had kept Hot Rod from introducing drag racing to the gaming masses is still alive and kicking in this latest incarnation.
Don't get me wrong. If you are a fan of drag racing, with excellent reactions, and a good knowledge of auto mechanics, you'll enjoy this game, possibly even love it. If you're just looking for a blast and to drive fast cars, you'll be disappointed.
GamersWanted (Dec 01, 1999)
Overall, the title presented a lot of racing information for the uninitiated gamer, but for all intents and purposes this is a niche market game that will most likely only appeal to gamers that actually enjoying watching drag racing or have a passing interest in it. If you are a drag racing fanatic, be prepared for a large amount of choices that will have you tweaking your car for hours as if it were out in your own garage instead of in the virtual one. For the casual gamer, your money is best spent elsewhere.
Drag races are so fast and so short that they need more than most computerized racing efforts to have superior graphics, sound, and gameplay to sustain player interest. While long-time drag racing fans may well be satisfied by what they experience here, this title is well beneath what the rest of us would find minimally acceptable. In its next drag racing release, I would recommend to Bethesda Softworks that it scrap the existing code and start from scratch. This title clearly lacks the requisite level of proficiency to zoom into the hearts and pocketbooks of discerning game buyers.
Wie schon beim im letzten Jahr herausgekommenen Titel Burnout simuliert Hersteller Bethesda Softworks hier Dragster-Rennen. Dabei geht es ausschließlich darum, mit einem hochgezüchteten Bollwerk möglichst schnell auf einer geraden Strecke zu beschleunigen. Klingt stupide? Ist es auch. Zwar können Sie an den zehn verschiedenen Fahrzeugen nach Herzenslust herumbasteln, doch die 20 Strecken unterscheiden sich nicht im geringsten voneinander. Grafisch zeigt Ihnen das archaische MS-DOS-Programm den Standard von 1995 - aber das zum Preis von heute.