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GameZone (Feb 02, 2001)
This game is one of those you play strictly for the fun of playing and that is something I know everyone will appreciate. I like challenge as much as the next player but it is always nice just to sit back and enjoy a game just for the enjoyment and not necessarily for the win.
ActionTrip (Dec 01, 2000)
This is what No Escape actually looks like. As much as I got bored at first I enjoyed playing it later. Still, be it because I'm not too good with 3D 3rd person multiplayer shooters with no first-person view, or because of the fact that this game had been made for younger players and not old bats like me, I couldn't make myself play it for more than several days.
Een toch wel teleurstellende shooter die enkel in multiplay nog ietwat te genieten valt.
IGN (Dec 14, 2000)
No Escape, while filled with some good ideas, is just way to shallow and simple to warrant the $29.99 pricetag (or the insanely massive gigabyte load space), especially given that the multiplayer game just isn't together at this point. If your kids are looking for an online fix, you might be better to wait until Pokemon Catch-Em-All 2001 Online Superblast Gamecube Celebrity Smash comes out.
The game oozes style, with high quality sound and nifty visuals that make it a simple matter to know at any time what weapon you've picked up, what your current ranking is, and which players are nearby. Fighting on a small globe has its charms, as does the attempt to skip the gibs and guts in favor of bloodless competition. The game is fun in a forgettable sort of way—there really isn't a whole lot to complain about, but there isn't a whole lot to keep you coming back for more, either.
Electric Games (Jan 30, 2001)
All in all, the small differences in gameplay style and appearance isn't enough to place this game anywhere in the league with the existing games of its type. Had the game had a real single player campaign it would have made it more appealing to me. As far as I'm concerned, even Quake 3 is only half a game. This isn't even up to par with that game. The small gameplay nuances aren't enough to make this worth choosing over Quake or Unreal - quite the opposite, in fact. Multiplayer-only shooters are a waste as far as I'm concerned. They may be entertaining for a bit, but I appreciate a campaign with a storyline in order to keep my interest for more than a couple hours. Bottom Line: Excellent graphics and lighting effects. No single player campaign. Practice bots are fun to tinker with but not as sophisticated as those in other titles. Weapon aim needs to be much too precise. It's different than Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament, but not better.
No Escape is a bubbling screwball action game with a unique visual zing, but I am unsure who it was made for. I can see how someone would have fun testing the weapons and running through the cool spherical maps, but these amusing tidbits wear thin fast in light of the turtle-paced connection speeds and the complete absence of online game servers. With these problems in mind, the incorporation of a single-player game and a practice mode with bots was a good idea. But No Escape still suffers from questionable decisions for a 3D shooter, such as the limited field of view and small opponents. Perhaps most puzzling of all are the so-called laughs, which Funcom’s press materials promote with gusto; alas, the game does not quite live up to its billing. Other than the cinematics, there’s not much to smile about.
The level design is mostly a variation on the two elevations around a central pith theme, the third-person camera combines with the wonky controls for some aiming issues, and the sound is pedestrian, It all just ends up soliciting a reaction of “eh.” If you really desire a kid-friendly action game, buy an N64. FunCom should stick to making adventure games.
Svenska PC Gamer (May, 2001)
Trött arkadaction i ännu en tappning. Inget för en törstande gamer.