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RGCD / Retro Gaming CD (Mar 16, 2009)
If I have one minor criticism it's that players who have grown up with hardcore run-'n'-gunners like Contra may find the game a little on the easy side in Normal mode, where most of the game's bosses can be dispatched without too much difficulty, and often on the first attempt. But then, that's what the hard level is for eh folks? Noitu Love 2 was originally released at a price-point of $20 US (at which it was still a worthy purchase), but earlier this year Joakim reduced this to an extremely wallet-friendly $10. If you have any fondness for this style of game it would be criminal to miss it at this price – it really is a bit special.
With Noitu Love 2 - Devolution, Konjak has absolutely hit the 2D nail on the head: it plays like a long-lost gem from the Treasure catalog, while still managing to flesh out its own quirky identity. Action fans don't want to pass this one up.
Indius (May 08, 2012)
Noitu Love 2 est un titre qui s'adresse avant tout aux nostalgiques. Sa patte artistique nous ramène dans les années 90. Et ce n'est pas pour nous déplaire, car le gameplay, lui, est parfaitement d'actualité, et attirera aussi les nouveaux joueurs n'ayant pas connu cette glorieuse époque. Blindé de détails poilants, de références, et d'éléments à débloquer, le jeu a tout pour être une nouvelle référence du jeu d'action indépendant. Peut-être un poil court, ceux qui n'aiment pas refaire les jeux plusieurs fois n'y verront pas grand-intérêt, mais peuvent se laisser tenter, rien que pour le fun procuré et son ambiance bien barrée. On se demande pourquoi Steam a attendu quatre ans pour nous l'offrir.
Noitu Love 2: Devolution essentially bursts with quality. It’s just a highly professional piece of work, from the actual design of the stages and action down to the quality testing. It feels like a proper commercial product despite the low resolution, occasional screen-tear and the campy old-skool aesthetic. It’s a pick-up and play kind of game that anyone can play but that anyone will almost certainly be someone already considered a (dare I say it – hardcore) gamer.