Noitu Love 2: Devolution Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Introduction sequence explaining the history leading up to the events of the sequel.
Title screen
Level announcement screen
Xoda performs a dive attack against some small robots.
One of the first mid-level bosses. You attack it hanging in the air, with lava below.
Level 1 boss: Mordecai Fluke
The Grin Reaper in the second level
Attack multiple enemies at once to rank up combos.
These robots priests attack from above.
A mechanical knight about to hit.
The level 2 boss Joy is fought on a large piano.
Jumping over the robot's attack.
Underwater sequence
Level completion screen
This ninja wields a giant hammer.
Xoda barely dodges the attack of a dragon.
Keep running on the wheel while attacking the dragon.
All is quiet in the fourth level.
You play this one floating on a board in the air, with a gun that links different targets.
This mid-level boss is protected with many shields.
Link the different targets to damage this character.
The train transformed into... something different.
An elevator sequence
Xoda rests a little before attacking the sailor robot.
This boss consists of different character - the Grinning 4.
A large robot appears in the background.
It will take quite some time to figure out how to damage this boss.
Dodge the beams.
Hey... that's me!
This boss attacks through different television programmes. Here, a news broadcast.
Start of the finale.
Xoda arrives with an aircraft.
The last level is pure mayhem. The truck in the back was also a mid-level boss in the first game.
An abandoned Evomatics device is discovered.
The first shape of Tango, the final boss.
Tango's second shape
Tango's third and final shape
The second playable character, Doppelori, can target multiple targets on the screen with a powerful blast.
Game over