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Advertising Blurbs

Print advertisement - PC Player 10/1998:


    “Art of War gehört zu den intelligentesten Strategiespielen, die mir jemals untergekommen sind.”
    PC Player, 9/98 ****


    Ob an Land, zur See oder in der Luft - Art of War ist ein Spiel mit operativen Levels unübertroffener Flexibilität.

    Art of War beinhaltet jeden militärischen Feldzug der Jahre 1939 bis 1955, neben dem gesamten Zweiten Weltkrieg auch den Koreakrieg und viele andere Schlachten.

    • Zwölf vollständige Szenarien - jede so umfangreich wie ein ganzes Spiel
    • Komplette Karten - und Szenarien-Editoren für die Erstellung eigener Schlachten
    • Eine breite Palette an Optionen, anhand derer man Spielstärke und - Komplexität variieren kann
    • 16 Bit High Colour Grafik
    • Head-to-Head Option für bis zu vier Spieler (auch über E-Mail)

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (235155) on May 15, 2010.
    Empire and Talonsoft have unleashed the legendary Norm Koger to create the Ultimate wargame! After 10 years with SSI developing such titles as Age of Rifles, Tanks and Red Lightning, Norm Koger has created the wargame series of his dreams: The Operational Art of War. His tools, unmatched flexibility, complete scenario editing system, and state of the art graphics combined with a variable game scale, will prove to be the greatest achievement of his career!.
    • Created by Norm Koger: a Legend among Wargamers
    • Unparalleled comprehensiveness: 16 years of the most complex conflicts in history
    • Flexibility second to none for an operational level game
    • Game Scale ranges from individual companies (120 men) to whole Corps (40,000 men & equipment)
    • Game Area ranges from 2.5 miles per hex to 25 miles per hex
    • 12 complete scenarios included as standard: each of which could be sold as a standalone game
    • Full-function map and scenario editors enable you to create your own battles
    • Stunning 16-bit High Colour graphics
    • "Tons" of player options that let each player choose the level of game complexity
    • Follow-up CD Operational Art of War 1956 - 2000 already planned

    Contributed by Jeanne (76447) on Jun 28, 2009.

Talonsoft "TOAW" website:

    TalonSoft has unleashed the legendary Norm Koger to create the ULTIMATE wargame! After a 10 year relationship with SSI developing titles such as Age of Rifles, Tanks, and Red Lightening, Norm has joined TalonSoft to create the wargame of his dream, The Operational Art of War. In Volume I, you will have the ability to create virtually any battle of any war that occurred between 1939 and 1955. The game scale can range from individual companies of men (about 120) to whole Corps (40,000 men & equipment) and from 2.5 km per hex to 50 km per hex. This flexibility is second to none for an operational level game.

    Special Features:

    • Full blown map, unit and scenario editors enable you to create your own battlefield. Unmatched flexibility is an understatement for this editing system.

    • Hugh equipment database - hundreds of tanks, planes and equipment to choose from.

    • Stunning 16 bit high color graphics in both 2D and 3D modes.

    • First ever Event/Political editor - lets you create "trigger" events that will cause other historical or "what if" situations to occur, such as the surprise use of tactical nukes! The cusomization you always dreamed of without having to be a computer programmer! YOU CAN CHANGE HISTORY, LITERALLY!

    • Play modes include Human vs Computer, Human vs Human via hot seat, play by email and Internet play.

    • 15 major preset battles, each of which other companies sell as a stand alone game.

    Contributed by NGC 5194 (17612) on Oct 17, 2002.