Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Credits (Windows)

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Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi Credits

Idol FX

Game DesignStefan Ljungqvist, Marcus Thorell
ProgrammingAnders Åkerfeldt, Martin Eklund, Andreas Thorsén
Level ScriptingMarcus Thorell, Tobias Andersson, Magnus Johansson, Jörgen Strömbro
Character Graphics and AnimationStaffan Linder, Marcus Thorell, Ivar Dahlberg, Tobias Andersson
Level Graphics and AnimationJörgen Strömbro, Magnus Johansson, Marcus Thorell, Tobias Andersson
Additional GraphicsNatalie Luxemburg, Peter Olsson, Jonas Lundin
CinematicsMarcus Thorell, Ivar Dahlberg
MusicJohan Rask
Music ScriptingMarcus Thorell
Development Team LeadersStefan Ljungqvist, Marcus Thorell
Business DevelopmentJohan Sjöberg
AdministrationKatarina Gustafsson
Special thanks toThomas Jansson, Björn Holmqvist, Hidden Dinosaur, Mikaela Edfeldt

PAN Vision

ProducerFilip Carvell
Product ManagerPer Strömbäck
QA ManagerCamilla Starck
Localisation ManagerLisa Rönnbäck
WebsiteMarcus Svensson
ExportSara Hedin, Mike Moshayof
Voice TalentsTim Earle, Alan Manson, Gerrie Rosemary Ferguson, Darja Norén, Indy Neidell
Voice RecordingsPang Studios Stockholm
Packaging DesignThe Bearded Lady
Special thanks toNackademin

iGames Publishing

CEORichard Bosch
COOJorie Waterman
Director of MarketingLeila Pflager
Art DirectorJohn Kauderer


TriSynergyTamra Nestler, Shane Nestler, Robin Frisby, Lisa Mandile

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