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Novye Bremenskie Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen (Russian version)
Main Menu (Russian version)
Options (Russian version)
Save / Load (Russian version)
Sleuth in his office
Sitting near the entrance to the city bank 'BBB' visited by Pizza boy (Russian version)
Pizza boy is carrying the lovely pizza in the box, but it also contains something else
Former brigands are now bank employees
Talking with a brigand's chieftain, who became a banker
Trying to reach the tree
Entrance to the castle is closed and guarded
Mini-game to reach the exit, avoiding the bombs
Entering quietly the king's chambers
King has woke up and now he is walking to the restroom
Alas, king's treasure is almost empty except the golden chamber pot
Laundress is angry, protecting her linen
A lot of different traders on the city's main square (Russian version)
Trying to get a vial in the apothecary
Sitting outside the city, while a trader of eggs is passing by (Russian version)
It is possible to enter the Musical Academy only if you are musician
Visiting a Princess in her house, where she lives with a troubadour
Cat and Cock of Bremen musicians are teaching Troubadour's son in Musical Academy
A feast because of royal's family reunion
Making a steward unconscious at the kitchen
Selecting an item from the inventory (Russian version)
Confessing to the king
Searching for the soldiers in their quarters (Russian version)
A fight between Bremen musicians and brigands in front of the bank (Russian version)
Making a secret plan
An unpredictable event occurs on the forced marriage of old king and brigand's chieftain
Mini-game to compose a map, swapping two pieces
Guardian prevents your entrance to the castle
On the square near the restaurant
On the square near the hotel
Asking the hotel receptionist about the guests
Placed in the prison cell
Mini-game to open the lock, moving all squares from left to right
Asking an officiant
Waking up a tired sailor
Attacked by swordfish
Dolphin can help on the inhabited island
Reaching a land, but where is a civilization?
Scaring the lion with an oar
Gestures talk with a crocodile
Monkeys are making an orange rain
Stuck in a very dangerous position
Visiting a village of native island inhabitants
Reaching the fortress of brigands
Brigands are afraid of animals for some reason
Actually, brigands are also happy on the tropic island