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Nude School Dating Sim Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The game starts when you meet Sarah for the first time
Dream sequence
There she is again, do you want to disturb her?
Oh boy, now I'm supposed to do her math homework
Changing dialog while eating an ice together, but to what??
It's the day after, should I call her?
What car should I take to visit her?
Well, the helping at the second math homework went fine I guess. It's time to "relax" a bit.
The nerdy ones probably chose "Have Sex with Sarah." - take the advice and think with you head instead of, well, you know =)
That's how it actually should continue
I guess I take the Ford Mustang for a walk at the beach with her
But what do I tell my parents?
Arriving at her home, with the parents in the garden. Should I talk with them?
At 10 PM I'm supposed to deliver her back, 30 minutes drive way... use your HEAD this time ;)
Well, that happens if you dump your ex
Oh boy, driving lessons...
And with what speed I should drive the Lamborghini?
Just a bit over the speed limit, but made it :)
How much should I drink?
Maybe some drugs too?
Should I punch him in his face? :)
Your final decision in the game!