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NVA: Mission: vorwärts immer! Credits (Windows)

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NVA: Mission: vorwärts immer! Credits

Morgen Studios

ProgrammingRonny Nowak, Tomasz Szestowicki, Steffen Jäckel
3D GraphicsThomas Trapp, Steffen Barsch, Robert Munak, Jens Hoeft
2D GraphicsJulia Kunath, Steffen Barsch, Thomas Trapp
Level DesignOlaf Sacher, Tibor Legat
AnimationRobert Munak
DialogOlaf Sacher, Claudius Hagemeister
MusicAudio Berlin, Michael Blank
Voice RecordingAudio Berlin
Sound DesignAudio Berlin
VoicesKim Frank, Conrad F. Geier, Lew Gaitsgori, Gerald Schaale, Julia Koberstein, Horst Lampe, Matthias Jentsch, Sebastian Bendzus
TestingBenjamin Schulz, Sebastian Vogelsang, Tarik Goetzke, Markus Neumeister
Platform TestsPMTC ‑
This software usesBink Technology, Copyright 1997-2005 by RAD Game Tools Inc.

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