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Garage Band Gamers (Feb 20, 2015)
Oblitus makes no effort to hold your hand; it just shoves you off a cliff and tells you to fly. If you’re lucky, you’ll glide before you land. But keep climbing up that cliff, and you’ll fly eventually – after all, there’s an achievement for beating the game under 25 minutes. As I mentioned, it’s not a long game, but the process of getting good enough will take you quite a while. And while that concept has picked up in recent years with roguelike titles gaining appeal via streaming services, it originated decades ago. It’s refreshing that while AAA developers have yet to make a big budget roguelike title, so many small teams are able to create this subgenre. The Souls series, and the soon to be released Bloodborne are proof people want difficult games – it’s just a matter of getting titles like Oblitus attention. Short enough to beat in a sitting, hard enough to keep you challenged, and fun enough to keep drawing you back in.
Shacknews (Feb 27, 2015)
In spite of soul crushing feeling of losing everything due to a sudden death, or quitting the game, Oblitus has a allure that keeps calling me back. Although the game is very challenging, and I never made it to the final boss, at no point did I feel that the game was impossible to overcome. Oblitus's dark atmosphere and artwork also offer incentive to soldier on, just to see more of world, even after restarting the game a dozen times over. If you don't mind the Sisyphean struggle, Oblitus is definitely a game worth checking out.
GameSpot (Feb 27, 2015)
Ullmann does his game a bit of a disservice by so vocally trumpeting the influence of Dark Souls; this is something different and attractively brutal, although its component elements are familiar enough to make it accessible to almost everyone. (And if the considerable appeal of Volgarr the Viking proves anything, it's that publisher Adult Swim has a soft spot for punishing platformers.) But there's plenty of pleasure in this pain, and it reveals itself in not only the richly imagined bosses and enemies but also Josh Whelchel's haunting soundtrack, which fares just as well off the screen as it does when Parvus is busy stabbing creatures of the dark. If you're up for some pretty punishment, Oblitus provides an experience that you won't soon forget.
IGN (Feb 27, 2015)
Oblitus is a little game with a big heart, and while not all the bosses end up as intimidating as they seem, the inclusion of random enhancements and beautiful, subtly changing environments make every run a unique and perilous adventure worth fighting. The finale may not be what I expected, but upon unlocking the “true ending” I realized it was just the kind of ending our little hero deserves.
Oblitus has all the right elements of something special, and although some aspects of it fall a little flat in execution, it still doesn’t change that Oblitus is an unique and fine looking 2D action platformer that has all the right qualities in its gameplay and design. All the while sporting a haunting and unworldly ambiance that will certainly leave a lasting impression. In a perfect world Oblitus could have been a timeless legend, but even as it is now, Oblitus is a refreshing departure from indie norms in every way.
Softpedia (Mar 12, 2015)
Oblitus could have been a great game, but unfortunately it's not. It's hard to get into, what with the lack of story and context for your actions and the fact that you have to start all over when you die.
I felt this game was fighting me the entire time to actually get farther. That along with the odd system performance at times when moving around, and an almost lack of sound effects when fighting, moving, and climbing. Oblitus is something I wanted to enjoy, but it feels like it was fighting me at every corner. Every time I just started to enjoy some aspects, others smacked me back down. I can see players being pulled in by its mysterious charm, but unless you’re a glutton for punishment with little inspiration to move forward or rewards, I don’t see folks getting much enjoyment out of this. It downright feels unfinished at times.