ObsCure Credits


President and CEORichard Wah Kan
VP MarketingMarshall Zwicker
VP ProductionRobert Stevenson
Product ManagerByron Gaum
Creative DirectorDesmond Oku
Graphic Designer and LayoutEdward Hatim, Esther Sucre
North American PR ManagerTara Reed
QA ManagerMike Adams
QA LeadAdrian Miller
QA StaffDan Dawang, Chris Elliot, Adrian Miller, Daniel Torreblanca
Executive ProducerPierre Leroux
Technical DirectorLionel Fumery
Lead Game DesignerEmmanuel Horrent
Game DesignEmmanuel Bernard
Level DesignTony Marques
Sound System and PhysicsBruno Carrez
ProgrammingChristian Martin
ScriptTony Marques
Art DirectorAnthony Lejeune
Background Lead ArtistYann Maheust, Jérôme Camprasse, Thibault Courbet, Alexandre Crampon, Benjamin Lucas
Props ArtistCatherine Bouchez
Cinematic SupervisorLaurent Sauvage
Characters and CinematicsJulien Vanhoenacker
Concept ArtDavid Bauwens
Lead AnimatorOlivier Feutry
AnimatorNicolas Monier, Yann Vilain
Additional AnimatorDimitri Dassonneville, Dominique Jouis
Camera SettingsGuillaume Colomb

HydraVision Entertainment

Chief Executive OfficerDenis Potentier
Chief Financial OfficerIsabelle Penninck
Administrative DeputyJamila Ouahid
Employee & FoodAnnie Michiel
Director of MarketingJerome Duhamel

MC2 - Microids

Head of DevelopmentDaniel Cohen
ProducerCatherine Peyrot
Game‑Play TuningEmmanuel Nouaille
QA ManagerFranck Quero
Lead TesterMatthieu Cloix
ManualPhilippe Tihy, Babel Media Ltd.

MC2 International

International DirectorOlivier Grassiano
Territory ManagerSevan Kessissian


Music written, produced and supervised byOlivier Derivière
Music Sound Engine and Scripted byBruno Carrez
Original Music Performed byLa Maîtrise Des Hauts-de-Seine, Children's Choir Of The Opera National De Paris
ConductorGael Darchen
"Still Waiting" Performed BySum 41, Deryck Whibley, Greig A. Nori
"Still Waiting" Video Clip Directed ByMarc Klasfeld
"Don't Think the Way They Do" Performed BySpan, J. N. Bernhoft, F. Nilsen, F. Wallumrod, V. Stavnes
"Don't Think the Way They Do" Video Clip Directed ByHallgrim Haug
"Baby's Come Back" Performed BySpan, J. N. Bernhoft, F. Nilsen, F. Wallumrod, V. Stavnes

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Marshall Zwicker, 88 other games
Richard Wah Kan, 78 other games
Dan Dawang, 76 other games
Mike Adams, 66 other games
Byron Gaum, 49 other games
Tara Reed, 42 other games
Esther Sucre, 41 other games
Adrian Miller, 38 other games
Desmond Oku, 31 other games
Daniel Torreblanca, 28 other games
Franck Quero, 23 other games
Edward Hatim, 21 other games
Olivier Derivière, 20 other games
Laurent Sauvage, 11 other games
Emmanuel Nouaille, 11 other games
Deryck Whibley, 10 other games
Greig A. Nori, 10 other games
Catherine Peyrot, 10 other games
Emmanuel Bernard, 9 other games
Guillaume Colomb, 9 other games
Olivier Grassiano, 9 other games
Philippe Tihy, 8 other games
Anthony Lejeune, 8 other games
Benjamin Lucas, 8 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76516) and formercontrib (159455)