ObsCure Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The girl is pushing the heavy cage, while her companion is protecting her from monsters
The game is so scripted, that there is only one place in which you can break this safe
A strange living plant has taken over the building
Ashley is crying for her dead comrade
A sinister underground laboratory
It's good when sexy girls are helping you
This is the mother of some of the monsters
If you break a locked glass door, you can open it from the inside
I'm lockpicking while this cutie is keeping my back
You have companions, there are some physics, but the gameplay is still very similar to Resident Evil
A dark and deadly garden
This is what you can do with a gun, a torch, and a sticky tape. Wish I had that in Doom 3.
Shooting the Monster
The Dark Passage
Monsters Attacked
Game Title Screen
In the College
Having Fun
The Basket Ball Court
A Mutant Monster
In search of clues
United for Clues
The Elevator
Fatal Attack
Shooting the monsters
Monsters are chasing
The Big Mutant
A Scary Monster