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Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Credits

80 people (74 developers, 6 thanks)

Oddworld Inhabitants

CEOSherry McKenna
Executive ProducerSherry McKenna
PresidentLorne Lanning
Creative DirectorLorne Lanning
Original ScriptLorne Lanning
Chief Operating OfficerMaurice Konkle
Production DesignersRaymond Swanland, Silvio Aebischer, Gautam Babbar
Senior ProducerScot Kramarich
Assistant ProducerJosh Heeren
Game ScriptLorne Lanning, Gautam Babbar
Lead ProgrammerCharles Bloom
Senior ProgrammersDavid Moore, Thatcher Ulrich
ProgrammersAndrew Card, Marc Hernandez, Mark Lee, Aaron Pfeiffer, Andrew Smith
Conceptual DesignLorne Lanning
Lead Game DesignerErik Yeo
Senior Level DesignerSteve Desilets
Game DesignersGautam Babbar, Jason Durall, David Kristofer Fried, Jack Mayer
Lead Realtime ArtistRyan Ellis
Senior Realtime ArtistRobert D. Brown
Modeler (Realtime Computer Graphics)Rajeev Nattam
Technical Directors (Realtime Computer Graphics)Marke Pedersen, Brad Sweder
Animators (Realtime Computer Graphics)Matthew Scott, John Hood
Realtime ArtistJeremy French
Realtime Cinematic Art DirecorGautam Babbar
Producer (Pre-Rendered Computer Graphics)Josh Heeren
Senior Animator (Pre-Rendered Computer Graphics)Rich McKain
Technical Director (Pre-Rendered Computer Graphics)Iain Morton
Digital Matte Painting (Pre-Rendered Computer Graphics)Raymond Swanland
Tools Programmer (Pre-Rendered Computer Graphics)Rob Tesdahl
Assistant Editor/Avid Effects (Pre-Rendered Computer Graphics)Josh Heeren
Sound DesignersMichael Bross, Jamie McMenamy
ComposerMichael Bross
Quality AssuranceJohn Clayton, Adam Smith, Nick Konkle
Sr. Systems AdministratorEli Rodriguez
Systems AdministratorsKhoi Dinh, Randy Hicks, Erik Tweedie
Creative Services ManagerCathy Johnson
Marketing ManagerJenny Shaheen
Marketing AssistantKristin Inman
CopywriterKristin Inman
V.P. of FinanceAva Arsaga
V.P. of LegalAva Arsaga
Senior AccountantJanet Miller
Legal AssistantAlexia Nielsen
Accounting AssistantJen Young
Dir. of HRMichael Reifers
Dir. of AdministrationMichael Reifers
Office AdministatorAmy Moore
HR GeneralistSunny Aines
Executive AssistantCourtney Bridges
Production AssistantNick Burger
Administrative AssistantJennifer Davis, Catherine Nguyen
ReceptionistTara Orlick
Character VoicesLorne Lanning (The Stranger, Natives, Castaraider, Busterz Booty, Doc Vykker, Mr. Sekto, Bounty Store Clerk, Olden Steef), Michael Bross (Townsfolk, Wolvarks, Chippunks, Boombats), Steve Desilets (Outlaws), Jack Mayer (Additional Outlaws), Jamie McMenamy (Outlaw Mob), Design Team [Outlab Mob]
Additional SupportLoc Ngo, Bernd Kreimeier, David Rothman, Adam Smith, Bonnie Teuton, Casto Vocal, Judith Zepeda, Jack Parker

PC Version

MD/Creative DirectorStewart Gilray
Technical DirectorSteven Caslin
Senior ProgrammerSteven Caslin
Assistant ProducerDouglas Rukavina
Art UpdateAntony Ward, Dugan Jackson
GUI UpdateJohn Dalziel, Stewart Gilray
Audio UpdateMichael Taylor
AccountingVictoria Oldham
Localization ServicesPeak2Pier
Special ThanksDaniel Boutros, Wil Bunce-Edwards, Xavier De Coster, Richard Davey, Alf Mudokon, Most importantly our families for tolerating the crazy hours
FMOD Sound System © 1994-2010Firelight Technologies

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (247545)