The Omega Stone: Riddle of the Sphinx II Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
The Menu
You have been unconscious, as Sir Geoffreys explains.
Sir Geoffreys explains what's happened up until now.
I opened the Ark of the Covenant .. and lived!
Your first puzzle - get the disk from atop this pyramid-shaped pillar
"Hump", your ultimate chauffeur
Definitely not Maxwell House (an attempt at humor?)
This box, and the others like it, holds a scroll with important clues.
Finding and reading books and other written text is VERY important!
A Journal
You must figure out how to cross this lava field.
Turn these skulls in the proper directions according to clues you've found.
What? No Buoyancy Compensator?
Diving in the Bermuda Triangle is totally uninteresting, in my opinion.
A view through the window of the Bathelwaite manor house. You can somewhat see the hedge maze from here.
After you negotiate the complicated hedge maze, you'll find this lovely greenhouse-like building
Lord Bathelwaite - one of the few people you'll actually get to talk to.
An eerie front gate
You'll also have fun playing with alchemy!
Look! A real Druid!