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Ominous Horizons: A Paladin's Calling Credits

38 people


ProducerRalph Bagley
Game DesignN'Lightning Development Team
Project LeadChristopher Perkins
ProgrammersNat Weiss, Michael LaRue, Kristopher Horton, Matt Alderman
ArtistsMikaila Hereth, Keith Cawthorne, Andy Anderson, Franchise
Level DesignChristopher Perkins, Keith Cawthorne, Jason Holman
Sound DesignMark T. Johnson
MusicMark T. Johnson, Keith Cawthorne, Martin Piter, Random Rab, Gary W. Richards, Curtis Clark
StoryChristopher Perkins, Michael LaRue
Business OperationsDale Hurst
U.S. Sales ManagerDavid Caputo
Marketing and SupportLucie Caputo
Manual DesignKristopher Horton, Mary Hills, Christopher Grillo
Box ArtBleu Terrell
Box design and layoutDavid Caputo, Lucie Caputo, Mary Hills, Debbie Ogden
Box and Manual LayoutMary Hills
Voice actingSusan Adams, Brynn Caputo, Keith Cawthorne, Cleta Charles, Joe Clayton, Marian Horton, Mark T. Johnson, Michael LaRue, Jill Park, Tomas Prislac, J. R. Stevens, Amanda Stokes
Game TestersBrian Cooper, Mandie Read, Terry W. Heykamp, Christi Martin, T. Luke Tiner, John Woods

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