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RGCD / Retro Gaming CD (Jun 23, 2012)
The collision detection might be a little bit too ungenerous and the game too unforgiving for the new-school indie crowd, but every other aspect of this brilliant release shines. The authentic chip soundtrack and gorgeous low-colour count pixel art, clichéd 80's storyline, tongue-in-cheek cut-scenes and memorable missions - it is all put together with fantastic attention to detail and obvious love for the genre and era. Then there's the boss-rush mode (that I've yet to unlock) and score leaderboards.
Indie Haven (Feb 18, 2014)
Oniken can be summed up in two words: BAD ASS. Most 8-bit homages don’t capture a fraction of the spirit this game possesses. Fans of classic NES action titles like Strider will find plenty to love about Oniken. It features authentically devious level design, a radical chiptune soundtrack, and ultra-satisfying controls. Even the cheesy story is far more entertaining than it should be. Sometimes Oniken can be a bit too punishing to overlook, though it still is undeniably awesome. This is the most fun and genuinely retro game on the market since Mega Man 10.
Realm of Gaming (Mar 01, 2014)
Best of all, though, is that Oniken doesn't make many overt hat-nods. You won't see it outwardly kissing the butts of games like Ninja Gaiden or Castlevania, or rehashing the same tired references. This, ladies and gents, is how a throwback game should be done. Obvious remembrances can be funny and cute, but they're meaningless if your game doesn't play like the real McCoy. Oniken succeeds there, taking players back to the past without obnoxiously saying, "Heeeeey you guys, remember this nuance from [insert game here]? Wasn't that hilarious and awesome back in the day? I'm so cool." No, Oniken, you're above that. Thank you.
Oldies Rising (Sep 05, 2012)
Si le jeu de JoyMasher ne propose pas une aventure particulièrement novatrice, elle a le mérite d'être merveilleusement bien réalisée et agréable à suivre. Les mécaniques de jeu vues et revues à tous les coins de rue depuis plus de vingt ans n'ont pas pris une ride et sont employées à la perfection pour offrir un titre plein de dynamisme avec une mise en scène et une réalisation impeccables. La génération 8-bits traverse les âges en gardant une fraîcheur indémodable, se permettant des références amusantes à des productions plus récentes (« Dogs of War », fallait y penser !). Un très très bon jeu, dur à se cogner la tête contre le trottoir, mais plus c'est dur, meilleur c'est !
80 (Jul 06, 2012)
Oniken è un titolo che si lascia apprezzare per quello che è: un tributo a una grande console del passato, il NES. Il gioco in sé è molto divertente e, pur con qualche difetto, è un acquisto consigliato, anche perché costa davvero poco. Ovviamente se non vi lasciate trasportare dall'anima nostalgica non percepirete la magia che traspare da ogni pixel. Be', da questo punto di vista non si può fare proprio nulla.
Softonic (Feb 18, 2014)
A retro game as good as the best platforms from the 8-bit era.
Destructoid (Jul 06, 2012)
Oniken isn’t quite the magical pairing of nostalgia and great game design that Mega Man 9 was, but it comes close to scratching that same itch that few other games have done since. If you love 8-bit games and hate yourself, dying repeatedly within Oniken’s six merciless levels brings its own form of joy that is rare in games these days.
GIZORAMA (Feb 11, 2014)
Even if deliberate throwback platformers like Oniken aren’t your cup of tea, credit at least needs to be given for Joymasher’s desire to reproduce such a specific experience. As blasphemous as it may sound to many of us, not all gamers will share the same love and fondness for Nintendo’s heyday that I do and you might. Even with as much fun as Oniken is, much of the effect will be lost unless you were right there in the thick of it back in those wondrous days of tube TVs, two-button controllers, and juiceboxes. For anyone who wishes to be 8 years old again, or just anyone in the mood for a good swordfight, Oniken is right there. The rest of you whippersnappers can go back to your damn iPhones and get the hell off of my lawn.
56 (Feb 28, 2014)
Trotz meiner Retro-Liebe will der Funke hier aber nicht so recht überspringen: Zwar geht die Oldschool-Präsentation mit ihrer entsprechenden Minimal-Farbpalette, den mäßig animierten Sprites und Chip-Klängen voll in Ordnung, doch stört mich neben vielen unberechenbaren Widersachern vor allem das elendige Zufallsprinzip bei den Container-Inhalten. So hängt mir das Überleben in dieser postapokalyptischen Pixel-Welt zu sehr vom Glück ab – nicht gerade motivierend. Wer eine knallharte Retro-Erfahrung sucht, dabei gleichzeitig frustresistent ist und lieber ohne Koop-Partner loszieht, findet mit Oniken trotz oder wegen der vielen Stereotypen und des etwas uninspirierten Leveldesigns einen würdigen Kandidaten. Mein Fall ist es nicht (mehr).
RETRONUKE (Oct 20, 2015)
With a great gameplay, cool retro graphics and no performance issues, Oniken is one of the best platform games I’ve played recently. It’s easy to play but hard to master and I had a ton of fun with it. Well worth a shot, no matter if you like platform games or not.
Leviathyn (Feb 06, 2014)
All of the extra content is appreciated, but the bulk of the gameplay is spent mastering the six core levels, slowly turning Zaku into the unstoppable warrior he deserves to be. I never stopped having fun with Oniken, and it never stopped finding new ways to make me feel as badass as I did playing Strider a decade and a half ago. That’s about the best compliment I can pay a game like this.